How to Integrate a Dialogflow Chatbot With Angular JS

How to Integrate a Dialogflow Chatbot With Angular JS

Laern how to integrate a Dialogflow Chatbot With Angular JS. Create Your Dialogflow Chatbot - Integrate Dialogflow Chatbot With Kommunicate. To get started, you would need a Dialogflow chatbot or working knowledge of Dialogflow and Angular JS.

In this article, see how to integrate a Dialogflow chatbot with Angular JS.

There are numerous posts about developing a chatbot using Dialogflow. But creating a chatbot isn’t enough. Connecting Dialogflow to the web interface is even more interesting and challenging. With Angular being a popular and emerging platform, here is our guide to integrating Dialogflow chatbot with Angular JS.

In our quest to simplify chatbot integration with different platforms, we have previously written guides to integrating chatbots with websites and apps.


To get started, you would need a  Dialogflow chatbot or working knowledge of Dialogflow and Angular JS. To integrate the chatbots with Angular, you will need a Kommunicate account. All the aforementioned tools have free to try out.

If you don’t have Kommunicate a/c,  signup here for free – we will need this in further steps.

Steps to Integrate Dialogflow Chatbot With Angular JS

I am going to explain how I connected Dialogflow and Angular with the help of Kommunicate.

Note: To keep it very simple and straight this tutorial explains with really basic and plain code development. Also to mention this project can be found on GitHub. To get an in-detail tutorial on how to integrate the bot into a website you can check here.

Step 1: Create Your Dialogflow Chatbot

Step 2: Integrate Dialogflow Chatbot With Kommunicate

Step3: Install the Angular CLI globally.

Step 4: Installing Chatbot in the Angular Component

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