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Founded in December 2015, ACORD (formerly known as the Alliance of Droids) is a company that creates robots and software for different uses. Our primary robotic projects are to do with exploration and improving the lives of those with disabilities. We have other, secondary projects. One of these is Star Sailors.

Star Sailors exists as a novella and as an online RPG, with hopes to add more games in the future. The series is set in a made-up universe (however, the Earth and our solar system does exist).

Star Sailors began development in 2017, when I was 14. See the story here or scroll down -

Star Sailors is a book and game series that is written by the Star Sailors team. The game will be played online (via the ACORD Website) and in the ACORD App. There will be a number of games within the game, but the main game will be an online RPG where players start off in an unknown universe.

The novel Star Sailors will be finished by May 2019, with “Rules of the Game” (the companion guide to the sport introduced in Star Sailors) coming in July-August, and will come in 2 different versions. ACORD Members will get a special version with extra chapters and content (including the “White Arm”). Sign up for ACORD here

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