Jivox Interview Experience for DevOps Engineer (On-Campus)

Jivox Interview Experience for DevOps Engineer (On-Campus)

Jivox Interview Experience for DevOps Engineer (On-Campus). A Computer Science portal for geeks. It contains well written, well thought and well explained computer science and programming articles, quizzes and practice/competitive programming/company interview Questions.

Jivox is one of the Super-Dream companies that visited VIT in September in the year 2020 for B.Tech placements. Eligibility criteria were 60% or 6 CGPA in Xth & XIIth, 75% or 7 CGPA in pursuing a degree, 60% or 6.0 CGPA in UG Degree (only for PG Students) with no standing arrears. 

Online test: Around 2050 students applied for the job and only 75 students were short-listed for the online test for Devops profile. The Online test has 3 sections. It was held on HackerRank Platform with a time limit of 2hrs 30 min. There is no time limit for each section.

Technical MCQ- There was a total of 25 MCQs with each question having +5 and -2 marking and these questions are based on the Unix basics, SQL, OS, General Aptitude.

SQL Queries- There is one SQL coding question that is based on joining the two tables and selecting the rows with given constraints. I would recommend stronghold on the basics of SQL and good practice of SQL questions on Hackerrank.

Coding- The codes were based on the Greedy Algorithm and Dynamic Programming.

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