Costly Mistakes: Why We Had to Abandoned Firebase

Costly Mistakes: Why We Had to Abandoned Firebase

And with it, 3 years of work.

The year was 2018. We were about to graduate. We had a great idea which we thought would make us billionaires (spoiler: It didn’t).

But once a great mind said that a great idea itself doesn’t count. You need execution.

So needed to build the damn thing. And we had to do it fast. But we were a team of only 4 members.

So we all started doing our research (Google Search Mainly 👊) to find out the fastest and easiest way to build something that we could ship to millions of our customers overnight.

The answer was Firebase. We were promised great things. It was the perfect solution for us.

Things that made us choose Firebase

  • No backend engineer was needed. We only need to build the frontend.
  • The free tier was quite generous.
  • There is basically no barrier to entry.
  • It's very easy to use.
  • Had almost everything we needed.
  • And above all, It was built by Google.

Firebase really has some great features. It’s very beginner-friendly. Some of the features that we heavily used are

  • Firestore: It’s a highly scalable real-time and NoSQL database solution that can be used directly by any frontend.
  • Authentication: We didn’t have to worry about the authentication part of our system at all. Firebase got us completely covered.
  • Storage: We use Firebase storage to store mainly our images.
  • Notification: Firebase provides a very easy to implement notification service.
  • Hosting: Firebase makes hosting static sites super easy for us. Our front-end React applications were hosted using Firebase Hosting.
  • Functions: They run on the cloud. They can respond to any kind of event on your data level. We mainly used this service for sending notification.

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