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Online Inventory Selling And Availability Management.

SRDV Technologies provides a platform that is called Hotel Extranet Module or System, where a customer can book online as well as offline hotel inventory on a real-time basis. Hotel Extranet is an offline software where a hotel vendor can generate an Account as a supplier and can upload or manage hotel inventory. This added vendor inventory reflects on Online Travel Agency's platform.  
 An extranet is an application that allows travel agents to update and upload the partner’s hotels and provide them with access to the hotel reservation system or to Online Travel Agency. Through this medium, the partner can easily get details of their property like a hotel’s description and information. The details will also include the number of room availability, special deals, rates, location, amenities, and more. Vendors can add fares according to their requirements and can generate the customer’s Invoice. Online Travel Agency takes payment from customers through Payment gateway Integration. The vendor takes the payment from the travel Agency manually as per their contract.

  The Functions Of The Hotel Extranet System

  • Vendor Dashboard from where hoteliers and travel agents can upload their connected hotel and in turn, allow them to upload the complete inventory and manage it.

Inventory Management Hotel vendor can fully customize his/her Booking System with multiple policies for different rooms and seasons without any difficulty. This includes terms and conditions, cancellation policies, inclusions, exclusions, fare details, related images, and amendment policies, etc.

Profile Management Through the extranet service, hoteliers can load room types and rates. Not only that they can also have control over the content and the profile.

Staff Module To allow hotel staff logs in into the Extranet of the hotel sales website to enter their rates, availability, images, etc. (so-called ´back end´). The client can then see all the information from the ´front end´ or Hotel Booking System of the hotel website.

Real-Time Availability - As per the availability of rooms has been changed, the cost will also change. Hotel rooms cost will Increase or reduce the cost day by day or a period of time, and occasions totally depend upon the availability of rooms.

Flexibility - Hoteliers can easily add offers according to their choice and need, In the form of coupons or discount percentages.

Bulk Booking Module - Hotelier can also add details or inventories for bulk bookings. This is an advanced feature used by corporates or travel agents.

Vast Hotel Inventory - By using Hotel Extranet Software a good number of hoteliers or Hotel vendors will connect and avail their inventory to sell. Due to this real-time availability and access customers can choose hotels as per their preferences.

Customer Satisfaction - Customer can easily check all vendors avail options and choose cheap and best for him this build Customer loyalty and real-time inventory management to provide seamless reservation. The system shows the room condition, price, promotions, availability, etc on the calendar on a room basis. The same can be edited in a very user-friendly and flexible way.

More Details - Category based room definition like deluxe/standard/suite, etc., room facilities, inclusions, images, child policies, extra guests allowed (yes/No), and occupancy helps the vendor to share more and more details.

  Why Choose SRDV?

 SRDV Technologies is one of the leading Hotel Extranet Integration service providers. As such, it is a matter of pride for us to develop and deliver the best possible systems to our esteemed clients. When you choose to work with us, you are choosing to work with experienced developers who have been working in the Travel Technology industry for years. With us, you gain access to their incredible expertise in the Hotel Extranet booking system.

 At SRDV Technologies, we understand how important it is to stay ahead of the bow, especially in an industry like travel and tourism. That is why we aim to deliver the best Hotel Booking System in the shortest period of time. After all, your business shouldn’t need to wait to provide amazing services to your customers. In fact, by working with us, you ensure that you deliver a comprehensive hotel reservation service extranet to your customers through an attentive and spontaneous interface among other things.

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Online Inventory Selling And Availability Management.

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Explaining what is travel API, how it works, and list 15 most useful flight, hotel, and car booking APIs in this guide

Origin Scale

Origin Scale


Inventory Management Software

Originscale Inventory Management Software help you seamlessly integrates your sales channels and inventory locations to give your team complete and reliable inventory control. TRY FOR FREE Today

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Top Inventory Management Mobile App Development Company

Do you want to know the cost and features to develop an application like Inventory management software? AppClues Infotech is the best mobile app development company that builds custom Inventory management apps for your business.

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Top 7 Benefits of a Good Inventory Management Strategy

Inventory management systems are extensively used in business management today. Almost every company, small or big, has management software integrated into their system. However, we see a difference in the outcomes of every business. Did you ever think why is this so?
Every company devises different strategies to handle their stock. Inventory management strategies can make or break the whole business system. but how would one identify, he’s going in the right direction. Below are mentioned some benefits of a good inventory management strategy. These points will help you identify if you are going in the right direction with your business strategies.

1. Accuracy

The leading benefit of using the right strategy for your business is the accuracy of results. The right strategy helps you figure out the exact number of items in your storage space. You know exactly when a product is selling. The quantity of a product sold and the remaining number of items. With the right information in hand, you can manage the stock more effectively. The data-driven approach prevents product shortage issues. The right strategy makes stock management easy. There is no/minimum chance of any mistakes. This helps you maintain accuracy within business operations.

2. Organized Business Operations**

Proper arrangement of products is vital for proper inventory management. With a good inventory management strategy, you have organized storage space. The inventory management system provides data about the top-selling products. It identifies the products that are not doing well in the market. With the right strategy, you can optimize the warehouse. Many companies put the best -selling products near the shipment area. In this way, handling the often- ordered inventory is easy. Similarly, the low-selling products are placed in an area of low utility. This strategy will optimize warehouse space. Moreover, it speeds up the order processing.

3. Increased Productivity**

The right management strategies help automate business processes. Human involvement is minimized. This enhances the efficiency and staff finds time to work on better strategies. Minimized human involvement reduces errors. Manual processes are slow and time taking. Therefore, the right strategy improves business productivity. For instance, entering each product in the system manually may take many days. However, automated systems will perform the same task in a short period of time. Utilizing the right tactics enhances business efficiency and hence productivity.

4. Enhanced Customer Retention**

Using the right inventory management strategies makes order placement convenient. It enhances the customer experience. The order processing is easy. Orders are handled more efficiently. Timely shipment makes customers easy. And they come back to the company for more. Right management planning helps you retain your hard-earned customer. Inventory management strategy helps in meeting the customer demands quickly.

5. Cost-Effectivity**

Smart inventory management strategies have helped companies cut their costs in real-time. It helps keep track of each and every product. You know how much you have left in the stock. You know the demand for items. The data about restocking is also in your hand. This information helps make smart decisions about reordering. Smart strategies also help avoid dead stock. The low selling products can be identified. And marketing strategies can be devised to sell them. Management strategies help cut costs in many ways.

6. Accurate Forecasting and Smart Reordering Decisions**

Good inventory management tactics help forecast accurately. It avoids pile up products that are not needed. Smart strategies help in identifying market demand and customer behavior. It helps predict the exact number of products needed. This approach facilitates ordering the right products in the right quantity. Ordering accuracy saves costs as well as storage space.

7. More Organized Stock in Inventory**

A number of management strategies are in use to organize and manage the stock. Just in time inventory and safety stock are some of the tactics. These strategies are widely used to organize and maintain inventory. Optimum inventory management strategies help keep the right stock in storage. These strategies help organize the inventory. The storage space is saved and optimized. This makes the order processing easier.

Concluding with a bonus!**

Inventory is the heart of the business. The right inventory management strategies can take the business to the heights of glory. Keep an eye on the inventory data. Make smart decisions. Use the inventory management system to its best. However, the choice of inventory management system affects the overall performance of the business. Some systems are more efficient than others. Here is a suggestion for the selection of inventory management systems. SeeBiz IMS is an ultimate inventory management solution for your business. It’s easy to use the software. SeeBiz offers countless features and unparalleled support. Integrate SeeBiz IMS in your business and see your business grow!

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How Online Reputation Management Services India Benefits Businesses?

Online reputation management services India is essential for businesses to protect their online image from any negative comments and reviews on the internet. Experts of this ORM Agency consistently monitor the online profile of business to know all buzz on the web about your brand and maintain brand reputation. Read the post below for more information.

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ORM Services for Monitoring and Managing Business's Online Presence

The number of competitors for any business from any industry is increasing day by day and they can be controlled only with the help of online reputation management services. This online reputation management company India uses different techniques and strategies to ensure that your company enjoys positive awareness of your brand. They will monitor and manage online reviews and the presence of your company.

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