The Role of Machine Learning in Data Cleaning

The Role of Machine Learning in Data Cleaning

In this tutorial, we'll learn The Role of Machine Learning in Data Cleaning. There are stages in the data cleansing process where machine learning can not only automate workflows, but influence decisions, and achieve better results.

According to Gartner’s report , 40% of businesses fail to achieve their business targets because of poor data quality issues. The importance of utilizing high-quality data for data analysis is realized by many data scientists, and so it is reported that they spend about 80% of their time on data cleaning and preparation. This means that they spend more time on pre-analysis processes rather than focusing on extracting meaningful insights.

Fixing data quality issues 

Using a Code-based Approach  

Machine Learning and Its Role in Data Cleaning 

Making Intelligent Suggestions to Clean and Standardize Data 

Highlighting Possible Duplicates Through Clustering 

Influencing Merge/Purge Decisions to Achieve a Single Source of Truth 

Next-generation data cleansing tool

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