AI & the quest for a vaccine

AI & the quest for a vaccine

AI & the quest for a vaccine. How AI is transforming the search for a coronavirus vaccine

Not with standing the challenges posed by lack of adequate amount of data, several AI based tools are been developed and used recently to address the many challenges posed by the current pandemic. In the last 8 months, AI models have been used for, among other things, biomedical image classification for clinical diagnosis using CT-scan & x-ray images and predicting hotspots & outbreaks by tracking local news and social media accounts. This article however deals with the recent advances in application of AI to biomedical research for expeditious, and inexpensive discovery of drugs and vaccines to treat the novel coronavirus infection.

No prior understanding of virology or drug discovery is assumed in this article.

For those without adequate background in biology, I begin by first discussing the structure and mode of action of virus in host cell before describing in detail three specific application of AI to SARS-CoV-2 research that I personally find to be most interesting and promising with respect to expediting our quest for a cure.

Technology poses significant challenges for wet-lab researchers. The unprecedented exigencies imposed by the current pandemic are driving new research collaborations between biomedical researchers and computer scientists. As a consequence, AI applications in biomedical research is a fast evolving field and my aim here is to provide a brief overview as opposed to an extensive survey of the field. For those new to deep learning may refer to my earlier article on inner working of convolution neural networks.

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