- the development of an online photography school by Evrone - the development of an online photography school by Evrone

Read a case study on how Evrone helped an edtech startup to develop and launch a classic online e-learning platform from scratch using Ruby On Rails

The Fotoshkola photography school is the first edtech project in Russia to focus on teaching photography. Its main goal is to provide convenient, online photography courses, with quick feedback on assignments from teachers.

With our help, the client's team had to create and launch a classic educational product from scratch, with functions for two groups of users: students and teachers.

In one year, we launched, a classic online e-learning platform using Ruby On Rails/Ruby. The LMS for the online photography school included the following features: the ability to download and watch video tutorials, organization of video lessons into courses, user registration, and personal student accounts, online payment capabilities on the website, restrictable access to new activities until current homework is completed, messenger for communication between students and teachers, commenting on assignments, with the ability to leave comments/tags anywhere in the uploaded image.

Find all the educational platform launch tips in the full article!

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