Arduino Security Primer

At Arduino, we are hard at work to keep improving the security of our hardware and software products, and we would like to run you through how our IoT Cloud service works. The Arduino IoT Cloud's security is based on three key elements: The open-source library ArduinoBearSSL for implementing T

Sending IoT Data From Arduino to Questdb

In this article, we discuss how to send IoT data from Arduino to Questdb in a few simple steps. So I immediately went to connect an IoT device to QuestDB to see how it went. Unsurprisingly, it went quite well. So here's how it went, from start to finish.

Create Your Own Crack The Code Game With an Arduino-Controlled Safe

Create Your Own Crack The Code Game With an Arduino-Controlled Safe - Michael Klements’ laser-cut, Arduino-controlled “safe" may not be the most secure model that you can find, but it certainly makes for a very entertaining puzzle.  Users can place whatever “treasure” they want hidden inside, shut the door, and press a rotary encoder button to lock it via a micro s

Remote working with Arduino: Alexa and the Arduino IoT Cloud

We'll certainly remember this year, with many of us learning how to adapt and live a safe life-style under the pandemic. As many countries begin to initiate a relaxation of restrictions and we are starting to be able to leave our houses, arrange shifts to get into work (still observing safety measur) we might find ourselves with different needs.

Top 10 Arduino Projects 2020 | Mind Blowing Arduino School Projects

Today we will take a look at some of the Best Arduino Projects I have come across recently, and I was surprised to see just how much can be made using this t...