AIOps Gaining Traction as Technology Accelerator

AIOps Gaining Traction as Technology Accelerator

AIOps gives operators information to make an intelligent decision quickly or it can be used to automate the decision itself.

AIOps gives operators information to make an intelligent decision quickly or it can be used to automate the decision itself.

Lately, artificial intelligence for IT operations (AIOps) has taken hold –can it help organizations run their technology in a smarter way?

Gartner defines AIOps as a combination of AI, big data and machine learning to manage primary IT operations functions, “including availability and performance monitoring, event correlation and analysis, and IT service management and automation.” The consultancy predicts that AIOps use will rise from five percent in 2018 to 30% in 2023. 

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In a recent edition of Real Time Talk, I had the opportunity to chat with Mike Kavis, chief cloud architect for Deloitte Consulting, about what it all means. “AIOps means 70 things to 30 different people,” he points out. “But it comes down to using intelligence to supplement or augment operations. It’s using systems and machines and artificial intelligence capabilities to help supply information to help solve a problem. That problem could be operating the system or as simple as when you’re in Gmail and you’re typing a search.”

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