What Are The 7 Easy Steps Involved In Instacart Clone App Development?

What Are The 7 Easy Steps Involved In Instacart Clone App Development?

Start an on-demand grocery delivery business with our white-label Instacart clone app development service. Launch an Instacart like app today!

We will walk you through the things that help you build the ultimate Instacart clone for your business.

1. Choose The Business Model That Suits You

There are different types of grocery apps that you should know when you think of creating a grocery app.

Marketplaces: Marketplace apps have their own menus and delivery providers to take the grocery order and deliver to the customers' doorsteps. If you wish to start a grocery app but don't have a prior grocery business, then this model suits you.

Aggregator: The aggregator model lists all the nearby grocery stores and their menus. The users can order from these listed stores. The affiliated drivers take these orders to the customers' doorsteps. Instacart and the Flipkart grocery app run on this model.

Single Stores: This model suits the grocery shop owner who wants to provide a convenient shopping experience for their regular customers through the app. The store itself solely manages the order.

2. Three Panels Of The App

There are three ends for a grocery App like Instacart.


This app is going to be available for users to make their grocery orders. The customer app needs to be filled with user-friendly features and admiring UI to give the best app experience to users.


This app connects the customer with the delivery person helping the users to get the best service. The delivery person gets the booking requests of the order through this app.


The store app is controlled by the administrator of the app, who monitors and manages the order and delivery process.

3. Necessary App Features To Include In The App

Customer app: The mandatory features of the customer app includes,

  • Shopping notepad list
  • Search and filter option
  • Add to cart
  • Popular & Favourite bites
  • order tracking
  • Push notifications
  • Multiple payment options
  • Schedule delivery

Delivery Person app: The delivery person app features include,

  • Booking request details
  • In-App call/chat
  • Delivery management
  • Maps and navigation
  • View feedbacks

Admin app: The mandatory features of the Admin app includes,

  • Manage customer orders
  • Organize inventory
  • Bill details
  • Track delivery
  • Informative dashboard

4. Decide Your Target Audience

You have to do research and decide your target audience based on the business model you have chosen. You need to understand and analyze your competitor's app, gather their intuitive ideas, and know the shortcomings of their app. And then, You have to personalize your app with the best features and improve on the drawbacks of your competitor's app to the satisfaction of your users

*5. Ways To Monetize Your Product *

You need a revenue stream to grow your business. Below listed are some of the monetization ideas you can adopt.

Commission: You can fix a commission price for every order processed through the app. This works well on the aggregator model.

Upcharge the item: You can post the price of an item a little higher than the actual price to cater to the demands

Delivery charges: You can impose delivery charges along with the total order amount and earn through that

Advertisements: You can rent the ad space to potential advertisers and make revenue from it.

6. Technology Stack You Need To Build Your Instacart Like App

To implement the above-mentioned features in your app, you need to know the tech stack that lies behind it.

Programming Languages: Mobile apps are built using different programming langages for different app platforms. Android apps need Javascript, whereas iOS can be built using swift. For developing a web application, you can use C++ or C#.

Delivery time estimation: With machine learning, you can provide details to your users on the delivery location, dispatch time, and ETA

Payment options: You can integrate your app with a secure payment gateway. PayPal, Mastercard, and Stripe are the most preferred ones.

Navigation: GPS navigation helps the delivery persons to find the customer's location with ease. You can integrate Google maps navigation tool for Android and MapKit for iOS.

7. Cost Of The App Development

The app development cost depends on various factors such as the app platform, i.e., Android or iOS, the kind of business model you choose, time frame for the app development process, etc. The cost increases substantially depending on the features and tech stack you include in your app.

Wrapping Up,

Turnkey Town helps you build an exclusive Instacart like app with the latest technology and attractive features that can make you the new favorite among the health-conscious perks. Contact us and get started.

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