Top 19 React Developer Tools

Top 19 React Developer Tools

This article can be useful first of all to beginners. That is why I provide some additional historical or background information about React.js in some paragraphs. 

This list is opinionated. That means first of all that you can make your additions. I am sure that it can be extended to 30 or even 40 React developer tools. This article can be useful first of all to beginners. That is why I provide some additional historical or background information about React.js in some paragraphs.

1. React Material Admin


The benefits of using admin templates are well known. This particular admin dashboard follows Google Material Design guidelines. It is completely jQuery and Bootstrap free and can be used for fast development of almost any kind of web application.

  • Basic Tables;
  • React Router;
  • Charts;
  • Authentication;
  • Basic Dashboard;
  • Notifications bar.
2. Periscope


There isn’t much to say about this open-source project. This is monitoring for Redux applications. You can view your app at all times and adjust the timeline range.

3. React + Redux starter kit


This starter kit implements React best practices. This includes:

  • Bundling;
  • Minification;
  • Testing;
  • Lintinting;
  • Hot reloading, etc.

The most valuable part of this project is the amount of developers expertise that was put is this boilerplate. You no longer need to make tons of difficult decisions starting from the structure of the project until the testing.

4. React Component Benchmark


Do you remember react-addons-perf? This tool provided developers with insights about app performance. As react 16 released you can no longer use react-addons-perf. React Component Benchmark is an open-source project that aims to solve the problem of getting an accurate benchmark metric. But it is important to understand that only large enough sample will give you a confident metric. The reason it’s happening like this is that this project does not hook into React directly. And because of this values are not accurate enough. That is why it is reasonable to run large samples.

5. Belle


This open-source library was built by the members of React community. Belle is a UI framework that was built because of the difficulties with creating a decent UI with React in a short period. Too much freedom with React can lead to a giant waste of time. And that is where the opinionated component library Belle comes in handy. You can easily customize these components, and think only about the features you need to have. Mobile support and consistent API complying with React are also two big pluses of this tool.

6. React Semantic UI


There is an original Semantic UI library. And to use it in React you need to use a React integration of this library and Semantic UI CSS package. It will help to speed up the development process because of the prebuilt UI components. React Semantic UI is jQuery-free. As you probably know jQuery is a library for DOM manipulation. That is why it is unnecessary to keep real DOM in sync with virtual DOM (React uses JS representation of the real DOM).

Among other features semantic UI React has:

  • Declarative API
  • Shorthand Props
  • Sub Components
  • Augmentation
  • Auto Controlled State
7. Profiler


Two years ago the React team introduced Profiler. It gives you a summary of re-rendering of your app. You can increase your debugging performance using this “recording” your set of interactions with the help of this profiling feature. You will be able to see a visualization of re-render as well as screenshots of DOM update.

8. React Toolbox


This is the best tool for developing Material Design UI. It has tons of responsive components that comply with Google Material Design guidelines. The exhaustive list you can find right here. React Toolbox is created on top CSS Modules, ES6, and Webpack. Documentation page contains all the live examples of each component so it’s very illustrative.

9. React Bootstrap


You can make a case that bootstrap is the largest UI ecosystem in the world. So React-Bootstrap was built for compatibility with Bootstrap. This is one of the oldest libraries for React. It has Bootstrap core, rely on Bootstrap stylesheet and fully evolved side by side with React.js itself. If you want a set of accessible-by-default components React-Bootstrap is giving you much more possibilities than plain Bootstrap.

10. Sing App React


This fully responsive admin template was downloaded more than 1000 times. This template is versatile and was built by professional UI/UX experts. It has more than 60 ready-to-use components and provides you with intuitive framework. It can be useful for building such CRM, CMS, SAAS, etc.

  • Tens of Pages
  • Fully Responsive
  • 8 Charts Library
  • 2 Dashboards
  • Theme Support
  • E-Commerce Section
  • Static & Hover Sidebar
  • Fully Documented Codebase
11. React Wastage Monitor


This project helps you to manage performance issues by detecting wasted rendering time. To understand the importance of this tool you need to dive deep into the concept of . Implementing PureComponent stops the process called React reconciliation (you can read more here). And PureComponent only re-render when it’s necessary. If you rely on Redux managing to access possible performance mistakes you risk making a critical mistake. React Wastage Monitor ensures you never waste computation on unnecessary renders.

12. React Studio


React Studio is a useful tool for web developers and web designers. Web developers can enjoy clean JS code, good visual design representation that respects React.js concepts. You can design separate UI components using the code generator. A designer can enjoy responsive layouts that can be easily turned into React code, mobile preview and use it as a prototyping tool. You can have your clean code promptly with nothing extra.

13. Atom React Plugin


This is support for the Atom Editor that helps highlight JSX code. JavaScript Syntax eXtensin without the plugin is very difficult to work with. With the addition of highlighter and code folding, you can make fewer mistakes. It will help you be more productive and makes your job easier.

14. React Extension Pack


As well as the previous tool this one is used to adjust your code editor. You can speed up the development process in Visual Studio using these seven extensions:

  • Code snippets;
  • An integrated npm;
  • ES6 snippets;
  • ESLint;
  • File paths;
  • IntelliSense for npm modules;
  • A search feature for node_modules.
15. React Style Guide Generator


You need to maintain a consistent style across all the pages. When a big team is working on the same project all colors, typography, paddings should be consistent. To make a convenient style guide you can use React Style Guide Generator. And even if in a couple of years you will need to make adjustments or addons to your project you can simply give a developer or agency your style guide.

16. React Monocle


When you work on some complex projects with tons of classes of components it is always hard to manage such a project and debug it. In this case, only a transparent structure of a project is a condition for the successful delivery of a project. React-monocle can visualize all the relationships of all the components and show you the hierarchies very fast.

17. React Boilerplate


When you start a new app very often create-react-app crosses your mind. But you can also use a boilerplate with all dependencies prebuilt. This ready-to-use was created by the community to maximize the development speed and therefore your effectiveness. React Boilerplate can easily work with well known Chrome Redux DevTools.

18. Storybook


Storybook helps you develop nice separate UI components. In case when you need to make some isolated from business logic this tool provides so-called sandbox. And that in this sandbox or playground (you can call it as you want) you can create components. So why it is called a storybook? Because it documents components as stories. Each story contains states. Each state can be may be compared with the visual test case. In the end, a story is simply a function. This function returns a value that is rendered to the screen.

19. React-Sight


This tool fully supports Router, Redux, and Fiber, and shows your app’s hierarchy. As well as previous visualization tool it requires to React Dev Tools that can be installed as an extension in Chrome.

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Hire React Js Developer from Expert React JS Development Company

Hire React Js Developer from Expert React JS Development Company

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Are you looking to hire React JS developer from a prestigious and reliable React JS development company? Visit at Mobiweb Technologies here we have a big team of expert React JS developers, you can hire them on an hourly, weekly or monthly basis for the successful completion of your dream project.

11 Best Flutter Development Tools You Will Need As A Beginner | AllTechSavvy

11 Best Flutter Development Tools You Will Need As A Beginner | AllTechSavvy

In this tutorial, I am going to show you some of the Best Flutter development tools available in the market which will help you to make Development Produc

In this tutorial, I am going to show you some of the Best Flutter development tools available in the market which will help you to make Development Productivity Faster and Build Better Applications. Flutter is a Framework from google for Creating Cross-platform mobile apps.

Flutter is a Google UI Framework for Developers to Create Native applications for Mobile, Web, and Desktop Just in a Single Codebase. Flutter is Used by Millions of Developer Worldwide to create beautiful UI for their applications.we’ll look at some of the Best flutter development tools that can greatly improve your workflow and help you reduce development time.

Okay Without wasting any time. Let’s start in and Discover lots of New & awesome Flutter tools to develop your flutter apps like a legend.

Best Flutter Development Tool

#11. panache
Panache will help you to create beautiful themes for your flutter apps, you can customize colors & shapes in the apps.


Codemagic is another awesome tool that’ll boost your flutter app development process. Cinemagic will test and release your flutter apps without issue & with no configuration. with the help Codemagic, you can automate the whole build process, test and release process of your flutter apps


Appetize is an Online web-based android Emulator and iOS simulator. Appetize will run Native mobile Apps in the browser with HTML and Javascript. which is easy to maintain and tacks.


TestMagic is a Free Companion app just like Codmagic for Fast & Easy testing of your android and iOS builds. Testmagics helps to distribute your builds and Testing android and Ios Apps on real devices as well as provide Feedback to your projects.


#7. Screenshots
A screenshot is a command-line utility for capturing Screenshots into the status bar placed in the device frame. Screenshots can be integrated into flutter to work transparently into Android and iOS.


Supernova Recently Introduced Support For Flutter Platform in Flutter interact. Supernova is a tool that helps you to Generate UI Code for Flutter. it’s support for material Design widgets a style manage that can bring the concepts of token and style into a flutter, you can have flutter app running side by side with Supernova and Change happen real-time.

Supernova will save your time by importing your Sketch Or Adobe Xd file, Select flutter as your export platform which will convert UI design into Production-ready Code.


#5. Adobe Plugins For Flutter
Adobe Recently Released Plugins for Adobe Xd in Flutter Interact, which will Generate Code for Creating apps with flutter which is based on UI design in Adobe XD. this is Collaboration Between Google and Adobe that will be Expected to Released Early 2020. So Plugins will be Open Source According to Adobe.


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Hire dedicated full-stack React native developers for custom React native application

Hire dedicated full-stack React native developers for custom React native application

The brilliant technology some of the most innovative apps like UberEars, Instagram, Airbnb is something you must have heard about. Well, React Native is the one which is the technology behind it. It has been chosen by some of the most trusted and...

The brilliant technology some of the most innovative apps like UberEars, Instagram, Airbnb is something you must have heard about. Well, React Native is the one which is the technology behind it. It has been chosen by some of the most trusted and popular brands all over the world for their mobile app development. Now, every React Native app development company providing their services to React Native development to a plethora of clients, thanks to the humungous popularity of this technology.

Hence, if you are thinking to go ahead with React Native app development, there exist few aspects to consider. For the purpose of your next mobile app development project, as well as choosing React Native development, you must know the need to hire React Native developer and how to successfully and effectively do it. However, hiring such developers for the purpose of custom React Native app development is quite a difficult job. But, let’s have a brief discussion on this highly-advanced technology.

React Native

To be clear and concise, it is essentially a JavaScript-based framework which was actually created by the social media giant, Facebook. It provides a mobile app development company with the ability to develop native apps in JavaScript. The company came up with this framework as Mark Zuckerberg, Facebook CEO, accepted that relying too much in case of mobile app development on the HTML was a mistake. They developed this framework for their app’s UI and then even went further to make it open source.

React Native applications have a modular architecture and are much more stable. It essentially allows the developer with improved coding and offers pre-loaded elements. Also, it is well-suited for the purpose of cross-platform development since it offers stability as well as budget-friendly solutions that have much better as well as optimal performance.

How to Hire Dedicated Fullstack React Native Developer

In order to hire a dedicated full-stack react native developer, you should check the following aspects and qualities in the candidate. Some of them are:

1. Comprehensive Knowledge of JavaScript with Relevant Expertise

Being an evident fact that JavaScript is the soul of React Native, it is essentially the language this technology is based on. So, React Native app developers need to have quite a comprehensive knowledge of JavaScript and relevant expertise in JavaScript in order to develop and build different components as well as an entire application. Ask questions concerning technical aspects of JavaScript, and it will help you gauge the capabilities of the developers, especially whether they are well-versed with this language or not.

2. Specific Experience in Native iOS and Android Development

Of course, there are situations where the react native developer has to work with different native tools. Hence, if he or she is familiar and in the best-case scenario, experience with native iOS and Android development, then it will certainly an additional benefit. So, hire React Native developer who actually has been involved in these developments in his or her previous projects. He should also have experience in Microsoft application development.

3. Backend Skills Expertise

In case you want to custom code the complete mobile app backend, you have to finalize a certain backend programming language at the start. This will offer you with clarity of the entire process of how to hire React Native developers. Think, you want to develop the mobile app backend using Python. So, the developer has to be knowledgeable in core Python language as well as any of its popular frameworks like Django along with development/customization of RESTful APIs, and finally, object-relational mappers (ORM) and the database with frontend skills like CSS or even HTML.

4. Impressive Debugging Skills

For every development process, there is an associated mandatory process of detection along with fixing of bugs and errors in the code. Hence, ensure that the React Native developer you hire has the inherent capability of resolving these issues.

5. Seamless Communication Skills

For a React Native developer, it is essential to have strong communication skills. A mobile app development company should go with the developer who is well-versed with the technology as well as has impressive and seamless communication skills. A developer who has impressive amazing skills easily adds more value to the mobile app development project. Also, it assists in communicating the project progress with the clients and regularly informing them about the different project development aspects.


Mobile apps have certainly become an essential and integral part of people’s daily lives. Hence, it has increased the demand for these apps, and mobile app development services look for frameworks that assist in the development of robust mobile apps. Pertaining to this, React Native has emerged as the best framework for not only iOS but also Android app development. React Native app development has grown proportionally higher than any other framework based development due to easier access to plugins and libraries which assist in entirely soothing and streamlining the entire mobile app development phase. However, to achieve this, a company needs to hire React Native developers who have the above-mentioned qualities and skills.