JavaScript SEO - How Google Search Indexes JavaScript Site

Martin Splitt, Webmaster Trends Analyst, explains how JavaScript influences SEO and how to optimize your JavaScript-powered website to be search-friendly.

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JavaScript SEO - How Google Search Indexes JavaScript Site
Chelsie  Towne

Chelsie Towne


SEO, Data Science & Correlative Analysis For Google Organic Traffic

This article will touch on how data science can be used in SEO and look at how useful correlative analysis should be used during the content creation process. For those not familiar with these topics, there will be examples and pictures but as should be expected when covering any complicated topic, the scope of the article will be limited to the main purpose.

It always bothers me when I see the recent trend to present SEO using the term ‘scientific search engine optimisation’, I understand that it’s a great way to allay the fears of CEOs and business owners, but it does rankle.

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WhatsApp Phone Numbers Pop Up in Google Search Results - Is it a Bug?

A researcher found that phone numbers tied to WhatsApp accounts are indexed publicly on Google Search creating what he claims is a “privacy issue” for users.
A researcher is warning that a WhatsApp feature called “Click to Chat” puts users’ mobile phone numbers at risk — by allowing Google Search to index them for anyone to find. But WhatsApp owner Facebook says it is no big deal and that the search results only reveal what the users have chosen to make public anyway.

Bug-bounty hunter Athul Jayaram, who discovered the issue, calls the phone numbers “leaked” and characterizes the situation as a security bug that puts WhatsApp users’ privacy at risk.

Click to Chat offers websites an easy way to initiate a WhatsApp chat session with website visitors. It works by associating a Quick Response (QR) code image (created via third-party services) to a site owner’s WhatsApp mobile phone number. That allows a visitor to scan the site’s QR code or click on a URL to initiate a WhatsApp chat session – without the visitor having to dial the number itself. That visitor however still gains access to the phone number once the call is initiated.

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Google's TPU's being primed for the Quantum Jump

The liquid-cooled Tensor Processing Units, built to slot into server racks, can deliver up to 100 petaflops of compute.

The liquid-cooled Tensor Processing Units, built to slot into server racks, can deliver up to 100 petaflops of compute.

As the world is gearing towards more automation and AI, the need for quantum computing has also grown exponentially. Quantum computing lies at the intersection of quantum physics and high-end computer technology, and in more than one way, hold the key to our AI-driven future.

Quantum computing requires state-of-the-art tools to perform high-end computing. This is where TPUs come in handy. TPUs or Tensor Processing Units are custom-built ASICs (Application Specific Integrated Circuits) to execute machine learning tasks efficiently. TPUs are specific hardware developed by Google for neural network machine learning, specially customised to Google’s Machine Learning software, Tensorflow.

The liquid-cooled Tensor Processing units, built to slot into server racks, can deliver up to 100 petaflops of compute. It powers Google products like Google Search, Gmail, Google Photos and Google Cloud AI APIs.

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Hugo JS

Hugo JS


Understand the JavaScript SEO basics | Search for Developers

JavaScript is an important part of the web platform because it provides many features that turn the web into a powerful application platform. Making your JavaScript-powered web applications discoverable via Google Search can help you find new users and re-engage existing users as they search for the content your web app provides. While Google Search runs JavaScript with an  evergreen version of Chromium, there are  a few things that you can optimize.

This guide describes how Google Search processes JavaScript and best practices for improving JavaScript web apps for Google Search.

How Googlebot processes JavaScript

Googlebot processes JavaScript web apps in three main phases:

  1. Crawling
  2. Rendering
  3. Indexing

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Appsinvo : What is Google Search Console Insights?

Google has been testing search consoles for approx a year. As per Google, the search will gradually be unrolled to all or any search console users within the coming days. Through definite data google analytics within the search console render the superior benefit which will aid you to manage your data during a new way. Read More at :

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