How to Become a Faster Developer?

How to Become a Faster Developer?

For this post, I want to share some tips (small things) you can implement right now to be able to work faster as a developer.

There are many things you can do to increase your velocity when you are developing. for example, mastering your knowledge on the technology you are using or mastering your domain on OOP, learn how to typing faster, or maybe use a last-generation supercomputer. All these things need time or money.

For this post, I want to share some tips (small things) you can implement right now to be able to work faster as a developer. I learn in many years as a software developer, that there are several things no related to how to code, how to design the application, that you can do to work faster. The idea is to reduce the non-productive time inside your development process. 

Reduce the Compilation Time (Using Java and Maven)

There are some ways to help you to reduce the compilation time. 

  • To developer using Maven to compile Java applications, you can skip the javadoc generation when compiling on development environments (Add this -Dmaven.javadoc.skip=true to you maven command).
  • Increase the number of threads to compile used by maven, (Add this to you maven command -T 2C ) will use 2 thread per available CPU core.
  • Avoid using maven clean command. Maven build your project incrementally. then if a module of your project has no change maven does not need to compile it until it has changed. When you run the clean command maven delete all the artifacts generated before, and has to compile all again.
  • In a multi-module project. you can compile only the module has changed (An option to do that add this to your maven command -pl $moduleName , you can get the same behavior using profiles).
  • Every time you compile the application maven connect to internet to download the dependencies, this is a good feature the maven, the problem is the connection happens every compilation, even if you have all the dependencies in your local repository. To avoid that you can compile on offline mode. (Add -o / --offline to your maven command).

Now try these tips on your compilation process, you will see a faster compilation. this is going to help you to work faster. because you reduce your waiting time.

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