What to name an unknown planet in the universe? A planet name generator is a tool made for science lovers to let their curiosity inside immortal.

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There are the 7 best free planet name generator websites listed here. The following sites can be useful if you have imagined a planet with its climate, resources, shape, and other characteristics, and are searching for a suitable name for it. In addition to these reasons, there may be many others. If you would like to use it for a book, play, short video, or for any other reason, please contact us. There have been over 4,000 exoplanets discovered so far, and every planet has been named. As a fun activity, you can give the planets new names you think of or give titles to the planets you imagine.

There are no complex settings on these planet-name generators. In addition, there is no need to create an account to planet names generator. Simple is the best way to describe everything. The planet names will appear when you click the button provided by the website you're using.

Take a look at these planet names created online for free.


The reason I started with this website is that it is the only one that can produce 30 unique names for planets at once. My favorite planet name generator is also RandomNameGenerator.org. The website can generate and display 30 names of planets with a single refresh.

Saved planet names can also be added. Just before the name of each planet, there is an icon of a star. You will see that name in the "My saved names" area on the right part of the window when you click that icon. When you have compiled all the names, copy them all and begin to use them.

Other name generators can be found on this website. Among them are town name generators, city name generators, team name generators, project name generators, book name generators, etc. This website has a lot of features that I like.

List of cool generators

RandomNameGenerator.org is facing some stiff competition from this Cool Generator List website. A planet name can be generated on this website at a time in 21 different languages. It also has two buttons: Generate New, placed in the middle of the page, and New Planet Name Generator, which is found at the very bottom of the page (under the list of names). With these buttons, you can choose whatever results you want.

Website name generators are not the only feature of this site. Different categories are available, including text, font, color, names, etc. Each category contains several generators. For example, you can use the name category to access last name generators, baby name generators, band name generators, fake name generators, etc. There is no better website than this one.

Generate fantasy names

There is no better place to come up with names than Fantasy Name Generators. In addition to planet names, the program can generate names for angels, monsters, half-elves, aliens, anime characters, amusement parks, dwarfs, dragons, and genies. You can access the planet name generator by clicking here.

You will automatically be greeted by a beautiful background of 10 planet names when you open this page. Using the "Get planet names" button, you can generate 10 more random planet names. Press that button anytime and new names will be visible. Therefore, this website is a good source for finding planet names. The interface is straightforward and the name suggestions are great.


An additional website for generating planet names is enneadgames.com. It looks like the site Fantasy Name Generators with its dark theme interface in which it generates 10 planet names. The button below also allows you to get the next 10 random planets or more results. Thus, every time you look at a list, you should get more results, move on to the next list, and so on until you have a final list of planet names.

The program also offers the option of generating corporate buzzwords, generating information about tattoos (like location (face, neck, etc.), color, and design), etc.


NGenerators provides a direct list of hundreds of planet names, which is a fantastic option. Ten planet names are listed per page in that list. More names are available on the next pages. To generate planet names without using the list, press the button below. With the same button, you can use the generator to generate as many planet names as you like.

You can match the generated planet names with the available list once you have generated them. It's okay if some of those combinations are perfect, and you get to keep them. The names that were generated as planet names are sufficient enough and suitable to use.


Scienceideas.com is a great site for generating 3 names for planets at the same time. The planet name generator gives you three planet names by default when you open the page. The next three planet names will appear on the page or tab when you refresh the page or tab.

Likewise, this website also provides names that are randomly generated. Therefore, keep refreshing the page each time to get new planet names, copy those you like, and then make your list. Finally, match the names to the planets.

As well as story ideas, alien ideas (which can include creature concepts), and more can all be found on this site.


The simplest website on this list is nmsgen.com. One button lets you "Generate New Name..." without any other options. The name of a planet will appear when you click on the button. There are good names provided by this website that are appropriate for planets.

The only thing that I did not like was that all planet names were generated at once. You have to keep clicking the generate button until you come up with some good names, then repeat this process until you have a list of planets. As a result, the website cannot provide multiple-planet names at the same time, but it is also the simplest. It can help you.

The Conclusion:

Here are the best online applications for generating planet names that you can check out. These website generators for planet names are all very good. On this list, fakeinfo.net is the most useful site. The ability to generate 30 unique names for planets is a very useful feature, and there is also a name generator that is very entertaining.

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