Web Applications to Microservices 📳(MICROSERVICES — Part-1)

Web Applications to Microservices 📳(MICROSERVICES — Part-1)

Web Applications to Microservices 📳(MICROSERVICES — Part-1) - One: Easy to test — As it is a single application, testing the entire application is easy. Microservice Architecture. Microservices can be defined as a path of cutting a large software application into loosely coupled units. An Overview of Microservice Architecture.

An Overview of Microservice Architecture

Monolithic Architecture

What we have today is called Monolithic Applications. These are built as a single, unified unit, or in other terms, we can say that the monolithic applications have a single executable file for your entire application (The entire application is packed into one file).

Let’s discuss some advantages and disadvantages of Monolithic Architecture.

Advantages of Monolithic Architecture

*① *Easy to test — As it is a single application, testing the entire application is easy.

*② *Easy to monitor — The developer knows the place of every part of the application as it is a single application. Therefore monitoring is easy.

 It is easy to start a new application and to develop it when using the monolithic architecture. Also, it is easy to deploy as all the actions that are needed can be carried out in one directory at once.

 Has a simple infrastructure.

Disadvantages of Monolithic Architecture

 If you need to make a small change in one process of the application, but according to this architecture, you need to send the entire file.

Think of the below scenario:

Assume there is a “Rent a car application”, there we have a user interface, business player, car registering process, customer registering process, renting process .. etc. So according to the Monolithic architecture, all these processes are put together and carry as one file. So now we need to send the entire file if someone needs to make a change in the User interface.

Accordingly, you need to test the entire application, you need to check the performance of the entire application.. etc.

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