Let’s Do DevOps: Dynamic Host Inventories in Azure on Ansible AWX/Tower

Let’s Do DevOps: Dynamic Host Inventories in Azure on Ansible AWX/Tower

This article will be focused on AWX dynamic inventories from Azure. So, let’s Do DevOps: Dynamic Host Inventories in Azure on Ansible AWX/Tower.

Hey all!

This article will be focused on AWX dynamic inventories from Azure. If you need to work with AWS, check out this article:

Let’s Do DevOps: Dynamic Host Inventories in AWS on Ansible AWX/Tower

In my last post we discussed what Ansible AWX/Tower is and how powerful it can be. We also went over how to build and deploy AWX to a local instance with Vagrant in less than 10 minutes.

So assuming you followed along, you now have a version of AWX running. Woot!

However, AWX/Tower isn’t a very intuitive software in my opinion, and it can help to get some help getting started.

The first thing I want to focus on building is dynamic inventories.

Dynamic Inventories: What Have You Done For Me Lately?

Static inventories are lists of hosts with IPs. Ansible churns through these happily, but modern networks churn constantly — building, redeploying, growing. Static lists just aren’t the thing anymore.

Rather, wouldn’t it be great if Ansible could keep track of hosts itself so we didn’t have to? And furthermore, wouldn’t it be cool if Ansible did this automatically all the time so we don’t have to worry about Ansible ever getting out of sync with our actual real deployed hosts?

And it is! With Dynamic Inventories.


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