Set up a SSH+Kubernetes bastion for AWS EKS with Teleport 3.2

Set up a SSH+Kubernetes bastion for AWS EKS with Teleport 3.2

Set up a SSH+Kubernetes bastion for AWS EKS with Teleport 3.2. This new release of Teleport brings support for EKS. Now Teleport can act as a single authentication gateway for Kubernetes clusters running on EKS.

What is Teleport?

Teleport is a modern, cloud-native PAM, designed for distributed teams running applications on distributed infrastructure. This means that Teleport users can remotely access any servers or VMs of their organization, from any device, from any location, regardless with cloud a server is located in, including behind-NAT environments, without the need for VPN.

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The hallmark features of Teleport are:

  • Built-in proxy (sometimes called jump host) with support for SSH and Kubernetes API.
  • Certificate-based SSH authentication with auto-expiring certificates: this removes the need to “manage” SSH keys.
  • Robust audit capabilities including a unified audit log, the session recording & replay.
  • Built-in 2nd-factor authentication.
  • Works with a CLI client and Web UI.
  • Single sign-on (SSO) for SSH and Kubernetes (community supports github SSO; enterprise version supports corporate idenity managers).
  • Role-based access control (RBAC) for SSH (enterprise version only).

Feel free to watch this high level explainer video, demo video or read the docs for more information.

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