Top 9 Benefits of AWS Services

Top 9 Benefits of AWS Services

In this blog, we outline 9 benefits of using AWS Services which help to make it different from the remaining companies.

  1. Mobile friendly accessibility It comes with 2 ways namely AWS Mobile Hub as well as AWS Mobile SDK.

AWS Mobile SDK – It helps to support Android, iOS, React Native, Web, Unity, and so forth. This particular feature makes it feasible to access various Amazon Web Services including DynamoDB, Lambda, as well as AWS S3. AWS Mobile Hub – This particular feature allows you to access the compatible and appropriate feature for your app. It will be possible to develop, examine, and also track the application by making use of the console present in it. AWS Mobile Hub likewise provides several other features such as content delivery as well as a message push notification.

  1. Simple to use Unlike other platforms out there, Amazon AWS web services offer a platform that is user-friendly so that any novice will be able to use it. This is feasible due to the clear documentation as well as a convenient console provided by Amazon Web Service.
  1. Protected A standard, as well as protected infrastructure, is provided by Amazon Web Services in which case the user must make payments only for those services used by them. It provides different types of services for security. IAM (Identity Access and Management) happens to be one of these services where the admin can access the users for making use of Amazon Web Services. At present, AWS has introduced tools that can evaluate security threats automatically.

It likewise offers tools along with encryption, security against DDoS attacks, Transport Layer Security certificates, plus filter of damaging traffic against apps. Amazon Inspector happens to be a tool that is used to evaluate the AWS cloud deployment of a user automatically to identify deficiencies as well as security threats. In the same manner, the private cloud of Amazon allows the user to make public or private instances depending on their specifications.

  1. Storage High storage is provided by Amazon Web Services which is possible to use as combinational or independent. The EC2 instances which are high storage will help the user in case of making use of any high input-output applications like Data warehousing, Hadoop, and so on.

Different storage are provided by Amazon which is as follows:

Amazon Elastic Block Store – Block level storage which is possible to use together with the EC2 instances for keeping the information persistent. Amazon Glacier – Primarily used for long-term storage information that is not used regularly is stored. Put simply, storage for archive and data backup. Amazon Simple Storage Service – This helps to provide storage utilizing a web-based interface. Amazon Elastic File System – This particular storage is employed for applications and workloads which are present in AWS public cloud.

  1. Pay per use Amazon Web Services, as compared to the other platforms, do not force the user to pay for every single service offered by the platform. The user is charged only for storage, resources, and the bandwidth used by them.

Taking this fact into consideration, it happens to be the most essential feature of business segments attracting Amazon Web services out there.

  1. Multi-region backups Several regions are provided by Amazon where the user can store their information as well as instances. These regions consist of availability zones that are protected from any kind of failure in other zones. The primary objective of these types of backups is to introduce the EC2 instances for protecting the applications of the user.

The cost as well as network latency is going to be low in case the zones are going to be in the identical region. The regions can be in different countries, geographic areas, and so on. The region can be selected by the users as per their expediency. Apart from this, the data is backed up automatically in various regions by a service Cloud Ranger.

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