What is NVG8 Platform (NVG8) | What is NVG8 token

In this article, we'll discuss information about the NVG8 Platform project and NVG8 token. What is NVG8 Platform (NVG8) | What is NVG8 token?

Navigate is the new community platform powering the next generation data ecosystem. If you fly a drone, use a smartwatch, a dashcam, or have a weather monitoring device in your backyard, you are already generating massive quantities of data passively. We refer to these data types as next generation data (NGD). We are designing Navigate to be the ultimate destination for contributing, sourcing and monetizing next generation data. A launchpad for future innovation, Navigate will be a place where NGD is used to build the next wave of data-driven applications.

The Navigate platform encompasses two distinct layers: the Navigate Marketplace and Navigate Dapps.

The Navigate Marketplace - Share data. Earn crypto

Data vaults offer an incredibly simple solution to the problems plaguing data monetization today. Data vaults are secure, decentralized containers that reward users for contributing predefined data types. Initially, the Navigate Marketplace will offer two separate vaults: (1) Drone Imagery (2) Street-Level Footage. When users contribute data, it will be cleaned, anonymized, encrypted, and aggregated with preexisting data in the vault.

This is a destination for next generation data of many types. It could be data captured by IoT devices tracking air pollution, carbon emissions, water pressure, noise levels, utility efficiency, airspace activity (i.e., radars), or even network signal strength. These examples represent just a small sample of what can be uploaded to the marketplace. If you have high-quality, accurate information, there’s a good chance someone can use it. And Navigate will be the bridge to help you upload that data and have a say in what it is used for.

Navigate Dapps - Build Apps. Earn crypto

Navigate Dapps provide developers, enterprises, and diverse organizations access to assets in the Navigate Marketplace, allowing them to use that data as fuel for a new class of applications.

While the first dapp will be built by Navigate, longer term, Navigate will collaborate with the community to establish future applications on the platform and grant API access to developers in the ecosystem.

This platform is being designed to support virtually any profile of data contributor or app builder, and the following examples showcase just a handful of scenarios Navigate could support:

  • Software companies searching for annotated images to improve machine learning algorithms
  • Auto manufacturers willing to pay for dashcam, battery, and/or lidar data to advance AI capabilities
  • Climate change researchers looking for live CO2 emissions or air quality index (AQI) statistics
  • City planners searching for anonymized location data to assess traffic congestion patterns
  • Agriculture professionals or farmers looking for crop imagery to assess trends in performance
  • Real-estate professionals sourcing high-quality drone footage of properties they intend to sell

What problem does Navigate solve?

Navigate effectively answers the question of how we can monetize our data and have a say in what it is used for, by allowing end users to collect data independently, contribute data to the platform, and be rewarded for their contribution. There are now 4.88 billion people using the internet – with each interaction generating useful data that in most cases, users are unaware of and have little control over. With Navigate, users can now contribute this data to products they believe in.

Simultaneously, Navigate provides access to next generation data (NGD) for Web3 developers. Simply put, this is the critical data that developers and companies need to build a new class of applications. It includes, among many other things, data captured by robotics, autonomous vehicles, IoT sensors, drones, dashcams, and much more. Navigate gives users and developers access to this data—information that is rich with insights, but has historically been siloed or inaccessible—to help build the next wave of exciting applications, like Navigate Maps.

How can I contribute to the Navigate data marketplace?

Once the Navigate Data Vaults are open, Navigate users will be able to contribute data gathered from their technical devices, including their smartphones, computers, vehicles, drones, and dashcams. Navigate will provide announcements on when data vaults are open to the public.

What kinds of data should I contribute to Navigate?

Navigate will be a destination for next generation data of many types. It could be data captured by IoT devices tracking air pollution, carbon emissions, water pressure, noise levels, utility efficiency, airspace activity (i.e., radars), or even network signal strength. It could also be drone imagery, dashcam footage, mobility data, among many other things. These examples represent just a small sample of what can be uploaded to the Navigate Platform.

The Navigate Marketplace will offer data vaults for predefined data types to Navigate contributors. Initially, these vaults will help power the first dapp, Navigate Maps. This month, we opened Navigate’s first data vault, our Aerial Vault, but aerial imagery is just the beginning! Over the next few months, we plan on releasing additional vaults -- including a street level vault, which will help us enrich Navigate Maps with incredible street-level detail. If you would like to be notified when these vaults are opened to the community, sign up to our newsletter for updates.

Long term, we plan on expanding into other high-demand data sets across climate, health, mobility, and IoT -- giving users more ways to contribute, and giving developers more next generation assets to leverage.

How will I view Navigate Dapps?

Over time, the number of dapps built on the Navigate platform will expand and new use cases will be widely available to the public.

To kickstart the ecosystem, Navigate will launch the first use case and dapp – Navigate Maps – a global map fueled by the data its community provides.

How does Navigate work?

When you contribute data to a vault, that asset is scrubbed, anonymized, encrypted, and then uploaded to IPFS. Contributions are recorded on chain and trigger user rewards in the form of NVG8 tokens. Through Navigate’s API, developers will also be able to use NVG8 tokens to access the data stored in vaults.

Why is Navigate built on the Polygon network?

Navigate chose to build on the Polygon Network for a number of reasons, including the network’s impressively high speeds and superior performance; ready-made strong community; low and predictable transaction fees; and sustainable Proof-of-Stake protocol. The Polygon Network has grown significantly, with more than 130 million addresses registered (by 2022).

How to Create a Navigate Account

Install a wallet

To get started on Navigate, you will need a crypto wallet. Wallets will store your tokens and other cryptocurrencies, and provide you with a unique, public wallet address. Currently, Navigate supports MetaMask as a wallet provider.

The MetaMask extension should be installed on your browser. If you don’t have the application installed, visit the link below for instructions on how to download it and create an account: https://metamask.io/

TIP: This extension is not supported by Safari

Add the Polygon Network

Once MetaMask is installed and you are logged in to your account, make sure you are active on the Polygon Network.

You can add the network by clicking on ‘Add Network’ in the MetaMask extension dropdown menu. If you have not used the Polygon Network on your MetaMask account before, visit the link below for information on the network and how to add to your account: https://wiki.polygon.technology/docs/develop/metamask/config-polygon-on-metamask/#polygon-scan

Connect your wallet to Navigate

Now that you have your MetaMask account active and have it set to the Polygon network, you are ready to connect to the Navigate Platform!

To do this, visit https://data.nvg8.io/ and click on “Get Started” or “Connect Wallet” on the home page.

Then, select your country of residence from the drop-down list. Please note, that Navigate is currently unable to offer our services to individuals in countries not listed in the drop-down list. Once a country is selected click on “Connect With MetaMask”.

From there, you will be receive a pop-up notifying you of our Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. You will have to accept these policies in order to use the Navigate Platform.

Once you have accepted the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy, you have a Navigate Account!

Once your Wallet is connected, you will be navigated to your Dashboard. This dashboard is specific to your unique wallet address!

OPTIONAL: Update your profile

While only your wallet address is required to use the Navigate Platform, you can visit the profile page at any time to add a username, profile image, and email address. This step is totally optional!

How to contribute data

Now that you have your Navigate account set up and you are ready to contribute, click on the “Upload New Data” tab in the dashboard.

Here you will see a box that will allows you to upload your datasets.

Once your data is ready to be uploaded, just drag and drop the files into the upload box. Your files will be shown like this:

Before submitting a “collection”, you can choose to add more images by clicking the ‘Add Files’ bottom at the end of the page, or remove images by using the ‘X’ button on the side of each file. When you are done with selecting your files and are ready to upload the collection, then click on the upload button.

Once your data has been uploaded, you can view your collection in your dashboard by clicking “Go To Your Uploads”.

You can see details of each collection by clicking on any dataset you uploaded. You will then see the status of your collection (pending, accepted, rejected, or partially accepted) and the metadata of each image you contributed.

Once your images have been reviewed, will also be able to see which images were accepted and/or rejected. Reasons for rejection can be seen by hovering over each specific image.

Once your images have been reviewed and accepted, you will be able to see the NVG8 tokens you earned for each accepted image!

Please note, it may take up to 1 hour for the status of the images and the rewards to show-up on your dashboard and wallets.

Now, you can keep contributing and earning NVG8 tokens!

Logging Out

If you want to log out of the Navigate data upload web application, just simply disconnect your wallet. When you are ready to start contributing again, just reconnect the same MetaMask account!


Navigate aims to accelerate app innovation by aligning the incentives of data consumers and providers. In pursuit of this vision, we are introducing the NVG8 token. NVG8 will be an ERC-20 token used to bootstrap network effects, facilitate governance, and access products and services across the Navigate ecosystem.


  • Ecosystem Incentives: NVG8 will be issued to users who contribute data to the Navigate Marketplace, including Navigate Data Vaults. Share data, earn NVG8. It’s as easy as that!
  • On-Chain Governance: Our goal is to progressively decentralize control of the Navigate Platform. We want the community to be in the driver’s seat and NVG8 is an essential component to this vision. NVG8 gives the community a voice in how their data is used and how rewards are distributed.
  • Ecosystem Access: NVG8 will be the medium of exchange across the Navigate Platform. Developers can use NVG8 to access data, and consumers can use NVG8 to access native dapps (e.g., Navigate Maps) built on the platform.

NVG8 Allocation and Release Schedule

One billion NVG8 tokens were minted on September 15, 2022 and vest over the course of 5 years. The initial allocation is as follows:

StakeholderVesting Schedule
2 - 7% Public SaleA minimum of 20M tokens reserved for a public sale; anything over 2% will come from the Foundation's allocation
12% User Rewards120M tokens reserved for contributors
10% Advisors and Partners

82.5M to advisors; 25% vest after a 12-month lockup, then 1/48 of allocation vest per month for 36 months. 10M can be acquired by advisors within 12 months of token minting date; vest immediately.

7.5M reserved for future partner/advisors; currently unallocated

10% Navigate Team100M to the team; vest linearly over 36 months following 12-month lockup
12.7% Presale127M to early backers; 25% vest after a 12-month lockup, then 2.6M vest per month for 36 months
53.3% Navigate Foundation14% to vest at launch, with 7.7M unlocked each month for 59 months

Navigate Foundation:

53.3% of the total supply has been reserved for the Navigate Foundation. The Foundation was established to build the Navigate platform, grow a community of contributors, transition governance of the core Navigate protocol over to the community, manage Navigate Maps, and develop the ecosystem through strategic initiatives. These initiatives can range from developer grants, new user rewards, liquidity provisioning, and more.

How and Where to Buy token?

You will have to first buy one of the major cryptocurrencies, usually Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH), Tether (USDT), Binance (BNB)…

We will use Binance Exchange here as it is one of the largest crypto exchanges that accept fiat deposits.

Once you finished the KYC process. You will be asked to add a payment method. Here you can either choose to provide a credit/debit card or use a bank transfer, and buy one of the major cryptocurrencies, usually either Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH), Tether (USDT), Binance (BNB)…


Once finished you will then need to make a BTC/ETH/USDT/BNB deposit to the exchange from Binance depending on the available market pairs. After the deposit is confirmed you may then purchase token from the exchange.

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What is NVG8 Platform (NVG8) | What is NVG8 token
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