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Git Developer Workflow

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Having a consistent and efficient developer workflow is critical when working on a project with multiple contributors. Without a structured way of working, code can get into a messy and confusing state if multiple developers are committing code to the same git repository. It can often be difficult to judge the state of other people’s work and simply keep up to date with the latest stable version if the team doesn’t have a synonymous way of working. This article outlines a basic git developer workflow when there are multiple developers working on a project. A basic understanding of git and branches is assumed throughout this article.

Mainline Branch

When using Git, the mainline branch is conventionally known as the branch that contains the stable version of the project. Checking out this branch means that the developer can expect that the software works, has been tested, and can be built and run on all supported targets.

The developer should never be working directly on a mainline branch. Instead, all development should be done in a Feature branch and merged into the mainline branch after a code review is complete. A recommended development workflow is outlined below.

1. Create a Feature Branch

2. Compress Commits

3. Rebase to Mainline

4. Push the Feature Branch

5. Create Pull Request

6. Merge Feature Branch into Mainline

7. Delete Feature Branch

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Git Developer Workflow