How To Deactivate Facebook But Keep Messenger?

How To Deactivate Facebook But Keep Messenger?

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Facebook is one of the most popular social media apps used by people today daily. These days most of the users are quite busy in their day to day life. Working a lot but then they have been addicted to using Facebook. Checking on others, new posts, searching for latest status updates on Facebook, wasting too much time on Facebook. Their question is, how to deactivate Facebook but keep Messenger. Maybe you guys are thinking of quitting Facebook altogether. But then you think you want to keep in touch with certain people who aren't on any other platform then the option is Messenger which can be still used without Facebook.

How To Deactivate Facebook But Use Messenger? You see Facebook feeds can often lead to information overload. And there are times when you may feel like you've had enough of posts on Facebook but you still might not be able to stop yourself from checking the social networking site multiple times a day and maybe there are chances that you are thinking of quitting Facebook altogether. So how to deactivate Facebook account is what they want. But then you think you want to keep in touch with certain people who aren't on any other platform. And if you're wondering whether you can get rid of your Facebook account while still staying in touch with friends via Facebook Messenger, then the answer is yes. Just follow these steps to do just that. So, first, open Facebook's deactivate account page. Then ignore the photos of the people who will supposedly miss you and scroll to the bottom. Well, the last option says you can continue using Facebook Messenger even if you deactivate your account. Then make sure this is not checked and just leave it as is. If I deactivate Facebook can I still use messenger is the frequent question they ask. And just scroll down and hit Deactivate. Then your Facebook account will be deactivated. Now, all your Facebook data will be safe until you're ready to log in again. After that open Facebook Messenger on your smartphone or log in via the website on your PC. Now your old Facebook credentials still work for this. Also, you will notice that you can continue chatting with all your friends. And that's how you can get rid of Facebook without losing any of your data and continue to keep in touch with your friends. Also if you've deactivated your account and you use Messenger, it doesn't reactivate your Facebook account. And your friends will only be able to contact you via the Messenger app or the chat window on Facebook. But if you don't have a Facebook account yet and just want to use Messenger, follow these steps. First download Facebook Messenger on iOS, Android, or Windows Phone. Then open the app and enter your phone number. They want to know what a deactivated Facebook account look like. Then tap Continue. After that, you will get a code via SMS to confirm your number. Then once you've done that you can key in phone numbers of your friends and start messaging them. And deactivating your account is less drastic than deleting the account. This option enables you to practically delete your Facebook, only you'll have the option to return and reactivate the account. And when you deactivate your account, Facebook hides your Timeline, photos, profile, and other content from the rest of the site such that it's like you're not even there. But your friends can still see messages you sent them before you deactivated your account, but they cannot respond to them. And when you deactivate your account, you lose admin privileges for any Facebook pages you run. But if you're the only administrator of your company's Facebook page, think twice before deactivating your account. And if you add another administrator, he'll be able to manage and update the page in your absence. This is how you deactivate Facebook. So when you deactivate after adding a new admin, you lose your admin privileges. And if you do not appoint a new admin, your page becomes unpublished. But this doesn't delete the page, nobody will be able to access or like it, including you. And when you reactivate your account, you'll have the option to republish the page, keeping all previous content and likes. You can edit your page's admins by visiting the page, clicking the "Edit Page" drop-down and selecting "Admin Roles." So deleting your account is the permanent option for getting rid of Facebook. And when you know you're completely done with the site and will never again want access to your profile, friends, photos, or any other content on the site, deletion gets it done. But then Facebook assures your account deletion will not happen right away, giving you a few days to change your mind and cancel. This is how to deactivate Facebook but keep messenger. And after that time, though, you'll lose all access to your account and no other users will be able to see any of your content.

About Now let's see into the reactivation option, well the key benefit to deactivation over deletion is the ability to change your mind and come back. So, reactivating your account only requires you to visit Facebook and sign in again. And since, you may not have used the account in a while, you might have forgotten the password. If it is like that, then Facebook provides a link for resetting your password. Also, you need access to the email address connected to your Facebook account. So, while reactivating your account restores your friends' list, Timeline, and other content, you do not automatically regain admin privileges for any pages you formerly ran. But you'll have to regain your privileges through being added as an admin by a current admin. And alternately, if you were the page's sole admin, you'll see the option to republish the page when you sign in to reactivate the account.

Conclusion Like this, you can deactivate your Facebook account but still keep your Messenger working. You can uninstall your Facebook app if you want to. You don’t need to have a Facebook account and still use Messenger. So, we have explained how you can deactivate Facebook but keep Messenger.


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