Next-Generation Cloud Computing Does Not Involve Putting a Server in a Container

Next-Generation Cloud Computing Does Not Involve Putting a Server in a Container

Container Solutions' Ian Crosby and Charlotte Mach discuss next-gen computing including edge, environmentally sustainable cloud computing and culture.

The so-called next-generation cloud computing arguably began with the shift to cloud native when the traditional server computing model gave way to containerized and microservices environments.

“You don’t actually have to rely on the server being there [in cloud native environments] — you can consider new orchestration systems to work with and a lot of people have to shift their way of thinking to actually get to the point where they can use the new versions and new systems more efficiently,” said Charlotte Mach, cloud native engineer for Container Solutions. “Kubernetes does help, but it also sometimes enables the way of thinking of ‘let’s just put a server into a container’ — which is not the prettiest thing to see after you’ve had a monolith in a Docker container. So a big thing of what we do is to try and help people rethink the next generation.”

In this edition of The New Stack Makers podcast, Mach and Ian Crosby, chief technology officer for Container Solutions, discuss a number of topics about next-generation computing. They include edge computing, hybrid and multicloud adoption, environmentally sustainable cloud computing and culture. Alex Williams, founder and publisher of The New Stack, hosted this episode.

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