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How to Develop a Drupal 9 Website on Your Local Machine using Docker and DDEV


DDEV is an open-source tool that uses Docker to build local development environments for many different PHP frameworks. Using the power of containerization, DDEV can greatly simplify how you work on multiple projects that use multiple tech stacks and multiple cloud servers. DDEV includes templates for  WordPress,  Laravel,  Magento,  TYPO3,  Drupal, and more.

Drupal 9 was released on June 3, 2020 for the Drupal CMS. Known for its ease of use and a massive library of modules and themes, Drupal is a popular PHP framework for building and maintaining various websites and applications of all sizes.

In this tutorial, you will begin developing a Drupal 9 website on your local machine using DDEV. This will allow you to build your website first, and then later, when you are ready, deploy your project to a production server.


To complete this tutorial, you will need:

  • One local machine running Linux or macOS
  • For macOS:  the Homebrew package manager, which you will use to install DDEV. To install Homebrew on your local machine, follow Step 3 — Installing and Setting up Homebrew  in this Ruby tutorial.
  • Docker and  Docker Compose installed on your local machine.
  • For Linux: You can install Docker and Docker Compose following these two tutorials:  How to Install and Use Docker and  How to Install Docker Compose. Choose your Linux distribution from the list and follow the included instructions.
  • For macOS: Docker Compose was formerly available as part of Docker Toolbox, but  Docker Toolbox is now a legacy solution. Today, Docker officially recommends that you install Docker Desktop, which includes  Docker Compose,  Docker Engine, and more.  Follow Docker’s official guide to install Docker Desktop on macOS. For more information  you can read the official Docker Desktop getting started guide. If you previously used Docker Toolbox to install various Docker tools,  you can read this official article about the differences between Docker Toolbox and Docker Desktop and how they can coexist.


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How to Develop a Drupal 9 Website on Your Local Machine using Docker and DDEV

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