10 Simple Hacks That Will Make You Super Productive When Using AWS

10 Simple Hacks That Will Make You Super Productive When Using AWS

10 Simple Hacks That Will Make You Super Productive When Using AWS. Useful tricks that will save you time when using AWS. Use –dryrun flag in the AWS CLI before performing any task on production resources. Use –dryrun to check if two S3 buckets are in sync.

Useful tricks that will save you time when using AWS

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If you work a lot with AWS, you have probably realized that _literally _everything on AWS is an API call. As such, everything can be automated.

This article will discuss several tricks that will save you time when performing everyday tasks in the AWS cloud. Make sure to read until the end because I saved the most interesting one for last.

1. Use the --dryrun Flag in the AWS CLI Before Performing Any Task on Production Resources

2. Use --dryrun To Check if Two S3 buckets Are in Sync

3. Use --dryrun To Check if an S3 Bucket and a Local Folder Are in Sync

4. Quickly Download Many Files From S3

5. Use the --profile Flag in the AWS CLI To Manage Multiple Accounts

6. Pin Your Most Commonly Used Services

7. Billing Federation

8. Monitoring Your Resources

9. Learn CloudFromation or Terraform

10. Use SQL in AWS Config To Query Metadata About Your AWS resources

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