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Gerhard Brink


Data Fabric Success: Is Query-Answering the Missing Stitch

Data fabrics are the best way to ensure that digital transformations are successful and rooted in connected data that can be queried no matter its location, based on its business meaning and value to the enterprise.

Whatever else we can say about 2020, it’s been a transitional year in terms of enterprise data management and digital strategy. The unprecedented crises that we’ve all faced put a renewed focus on digital transformation and data management. As Microsoft’s CEO Satya Nadella famously said in the early summer, we’ve seen two years of digital transformation in two months. Perhaps the underlying enabler can be found in data fabrics.

Why did Natella claim that and what reasons do we have to believe he’s right? It’s connected to the fact that the majority of knowledge workers got sent home due to the pandemic, many with less than a week’s notice. The result was that normal social interaction patterns, based on working together in the same locations, blew up overnight. All of that soft, human-based interaction was providing a crucial prop to traditional data management systems, none of which are very good at representing and preserving real-world context. Chatter around the venerable water cooler may not have been 100 percent fool-proof in maintaining perspective, but it was better than what came next.

Beginning in March, big companies scrambled to compensate for the loss of the office as a unifying, compensating factor. A lot of the work that Nadella is referring to around digital transformation came about because companies had to go fully virtual almost overnight, which meant that data management (and other) strategies had to grow up fast.

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Data Fabric Success: Is Query-Answering the Missing Stitch