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Computer Graphics Course Project Made By C++ Programe Language


Computer graphics course project made by C++ programe language and Graphics.h graphics library.



👩‍💻 Our members

  1. Dao Le Phuong Duyen, github: github.com/duyendao-0107
  2. Phan Thi Tra Giang, github: github.com/River-Tea
  3. Nguyen Thi Que, github: github.com/NguyenThiQue

🧑‍🏫 Lecturer and mentor


MS.Dương Thanh Thao - Posts and Telecommunications Institute of Technology at Ho Chi Minh city


Hoang Minh Tuan

⚡ Skills we had learn

  • Teamwork skills
  • Project implementation skills
  • Object-oriented programming skills
  • Clean code skill

🎓 Knowledge we got through course

  • Computer graphics use complex transformations to speed up drawing
  • The computer screen consists of pixel points with specific coordinates on integers
  • An image drawn from the combined pixel points
  • In order for the image to move, we delete the old image and draw a new one continuously

Author: River-Tea
Source code: https://github.com/River-Tea/ComputerGraphics


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Computer Graphics Course Project Made By C++ Programe Language
Ananya Gupta

Ananya Gupta


Benefits Of C Language Over Other Programming Languages

C may be a middle-level programing language developed by Dennis Ritchie during the first 1970s while performing at AT&T Bell Labs within the USA. the target of its development was within the context of the re-design of the UNIX OS to enable it to be used on multiple computers.

Earlier the language B was now used for improving the UNIX. Being an application-oriented language, B allowed a much faster production of code than in programming language. Still, B suffered from drawbacks because it didn’t understand data-types and didn’t provide the utilization of “structures”.

These drawbacks became the drive for Ritchie for the development of a replacement programing language called C. He kept most of the language B’s syntax and added data-types and lots of other required changes. Eventually, C was developed during 1971-73, containing both high-level functionality and therefore the detailed features required to program an OS. Hence, many of the UNIX components including the UNIX kernel itself were eventually rewritten in C.

Benefits of C language

As a middle-level language, C combines the features of both high-level and low-level languages. It is often used for low-level programmings, like scripting for it also supports functions of high-level C programming languages, like scripting for software applications, etc.
C may be a structured programing language that allows a posh program to be broken into simpler programs called functions. It also allows free movement of knowledge across these functions.

Various features of C including direct access to machine level hardware APIs, the presence of C compilers, deterministic resource use, and dynamic memory allocation make C language an optimum choice for scripting applications and drivers of embedded systems.

C language is case-sensitive which suggests lowercase and uppercase letters are treated differently.
C is very portable and is employed for scripting system applications which form a serious a part of Windows, UNIX, and Linux OS.

C may be a general-purpose programing language and may efficiently work on enterprise applications, games, graphics, and applications requiring calculations, etc.
C language features a rich library that provides a variety of built-in functions. It also offers dynamic memory allocation.

C implements algorithms and data structures swiftly, facilitating faster computations in programs. This has enabled the utilization of C in applications requiring higher degrees of calculations like MATLAB and Mathematica.

Riding on these advantages, C became dominant and spread quickly beyond Bell Labs replacing many well-known languages of that point, like ALGOL, B, PL/I, FORTRAN, etc. C language has become available on a really wide selection of platforms, from embedded microcontrollers to supercomputers.

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Ananya Gupta

Ananya Gupta


Advantage of C Language Certification Online Training in 2020

C language is a procedural programming language. C language is the general purpose and object oriented programming language. C language is mainly used for developing different types of operating systems and other programming languages. C language is basically run in hardware and operating systems. C language is used many software applications such as internet browser, MYSQL and Microsoft Office.
Advantage of doing C Language Training in 2020 are:**

  1. Popular Programming language: The main Advantage of doing C language training in 2020 is popular programming language. C programming language is used and applied worldwide. C language is adaptable and flexible in nature. C language is important for different programmers. The basic languages that are used in C language is Java, C++, PHP, Python, Perl, JavaScript, Rust and C- shell.

  2. Basic language of all advanced languages: The another main Advantage of doing C language training in 2020 is basic language of all advanced languages. C language is an object oriented language. For learning, other languages, you have to master in C language.

  3. Understand the computer theories: The another main Advantage of doing C language training in 2020 is understand the computer theories. The theories such as Computer Networks, Computer Architecture and Operating Systems are based on C programming language.

  4. Fast in execution time: The another main Advantage of doing C language training in 2020 is fast in execution time. C language is to requires small run time and fast in execution time. The programs are written in C language are faster than the other programming language.

  5. Used by long term: The another main Advantage of doing C language training in 2020 is used by long term. The C language is not learning in the short span of time. It takes time and energy for becoming career in C language. C language is the only language that used by decades of time. C language is that exists for the longest period of time in computer programming history.

  6. Rich Function Library: The another main Advantage of doing C language training in 2020 is rich function library. C language has rich function of libraries as compared to other programming languages. The libraries help to build the analytical skills.

  7. Great degree of portability: The another main Advantage of doing C language training in 2020 is great degree of portability. C is a portable assemble language. It has a great degree of portability as compilers and interpreters of other programming languages are implemented in C language.
    The demand of C language is high in IT sector and increasing rapidly.

C Language Online Training is for individuals and professionals.
C Language Online Training helps to develop an application, build operating systems, games and applications, work on the accessibility of files and memory and many more.

C Language Online Course is providing the depth knowledge of functional and logical part, develop an application, work on memory management, understanding of line arguments, compiling, running and debugging of C programs.

Is C Language Training Worth Learning for You! and is providing the basic understanding of create C applications, apply the real time programming, write high quality code, computer programming, C functions, variables, datatypes, operators, loops, statements, groups, arrays, strings, etc.

The companies which are using C language are Amazon, Martin, Apple, Samsung, Google, Oracle, Nokia, IBM, Intel, Novell, Microsoft, Facebook, Bloomberg, VM Ware, etc.
C language is used in different domains like banking, IT, Insurance, Education, Gaming, Networking, Firmware, Telecommunication, Graphics, Management, Embedded, Application Development, Driver level Development, Banking, etc.

The job opportunities after completing the C Language Online certificationAre Data Scientists, Back End Developer, Embedded Developer, C Analyst, Software Developer, Junior Programmer, Database Developer, Embedded Engineer, Programming Architect, Game Programmer, Quality Analyst, Senior Programmer, Full Stack Developer, DevOps Specialist, Front End Web Developer, App Developer, Java Software Engineer, Software Developer and many more.

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Anil  Sakhiya

Anil Sakhiya


C programming for Beginners | Learn C Programming | C Language

C Language is an evergreen language and is used widely across different industries, This C programming is a must for students and working professionals to become a great Software Engineer especially when they are working in Software Development Domain. Great Learning brings you this live session on “Introduction to C”. In this live session, we will be covering major concepts in C Programming such as Different Variables, Different Data Types that are being used, its Operators, Flow control statements, Structure, and lot more.

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Abdullah  Kozey

Abdullah Kozey


Learning C: Input and Output and Two Program Templates

Before I get too deep into C, I need to show you how to get data into and out of your programs. Using assignment for data gets old after a while and you want to be able to have users enter their own data. And you definitely need to be able to see what happens to your data in a program so learning how to display data to the screen is important and necessary.

Besides demonstrating how to perform input and output in C, I will also be demonstrating two templates that are related to those topics — Prompt, Then Read and Input, Process, Output (IPO). The IPO template, in particular, is important because practically every C program you write will use this template.

When I talk about input and output in C, I’ll use the terms standard input and standard output. These terms refer to the default input and output devices on your computer. The standard input device is the keyboard. The standard output device is the computer’s monitor or screen. I will only use the terms input and output and when I use those terms I’m referring to standard input and standard output. If I want to refer to a different device for input and/or output, I’ll use the specific term for that device.

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Ananya Gupta

Ananya Gupta


How Can You Improve Your Coding Skills In C Programming?

If you are an expert at coding in C Language and have a lot of experience in this field, then you can count yourself lucky. If your skill & C projects gets noticed by a sizable number of people, you can likely get a huge fortune out of it. But, no matter how strong your** C Programming skills** are, you must never stop improving.

The popularity of C language generates demand for its experts and therefore in the current world, excellent opportunities are waiting ahead for them. As the growth of C professionals is in high demand in the emerging market, it is necessary for them to become skilled and expert in this field. In order to learn C programming fundamentals, one must be trained in its methodologies and fundamentals and hence proper C language online professional training is necessary. In this article, we will discuss some of the ways by which you can improve coding skills in C language:
Before you start diving into learning, C language it’s worth asking yourself why you want to learn it. This is because it’s going to be a hard and sometimes painful journey. Without sufficient motivation, you apparently won’t make it through. Determining what motivates you will assist you to figure out an end goal and a path that gets you there without boredom. You don’t have to figure out an exact project, just a general area you’re interested in.

Patience is the answer to become a successful in C Programming field. As a coder you will fail numerous times. But the solution is to have patience and write code and then spend most of the time making it work.
You have to be enthusiastic about coding. If you have some project of your own to show during your job interview, it will help you a lot. It means you know something and you do it because you want it. It’s vital for every decent recruiter
Libraries are ones which are used for reuse of code, increase the development process and also help in the generalization of the process. Updating with knowledge of libraries is a perfect way to shape into a good android developer.


As the expert in C language, you should be updated about the latest news and development in this world. One should also read through the different sources available online. Complex stuff and rich C resources can be found online as well as in books. C professionals should be well familiar with all these sources. You can also join C language online training by CETPA Infotech to remain updated with the technology.


Joining C language online training at CETPA would be beneficial for you as you can learn all about this field just by sitting at your home, thereby saving your time and money. Others benefit that you will get includes:

  • Real time and updated knowledge of Coding concepts
  • Live project based training
  • 100% practical training
  • Basics as well as Advanced concepts
  • Assured Placement Assistance
  • International Certification
  • Membership Card and much more.

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