Five steps to land a job in WordPress

Five steps to land a job in WordPress

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Most people dream of becoming independent workers all day long. Wake up every morning to get to work, enjoy a cup of coffee rather than a long commute to the workplace and negotiate with your own customers rather than with managers and subordinates. Most importantly, free from any stress at work. There are so many benefits of working as your own boss!

If you would like to quit and explore jobs where you can operate according to your schedule, get flexible hours and excellent compensation, it might be a good idea to land a WordPress job. And even though you are not interested in self-employment, WordPress offers plenty of wonderful full-time jobs.

WordPress is the world's best-known website forum. Blogs, local business websites, news websites, eCommerce stores, and many more are allowed by WordPress. Indeed, WordPress is used in almost 38% of websites - you will not run out of customers fast if you get to work in the field of WordPress! There is also plenty of material about working with WordPress, and it is easy to get started by yourself.

There are various ways to get started on WordPress, and the platform provides various domains to excel your skills on. We will discuss five steps to land a job on WordPress successfully.

Spot your career choices for WordPress

It is possible to start developing on WordPress in domains – not all of which require technological skills! Even for people who do not understand coding, WordPress offers a number of opportunities. The first approach to landing a job with WordPress is recognizing your prospects for a WordPress career and what you want. Consider the skills you have and the skills you want to grasp.

Suppose you are not sure about what career choices WordPress provides. We will mention some of the opportunities that you can avail for yourself on the platform. WordPress Developer: Developers of WordPress need good technical expertise, which usually requires them to be adept in the programming languages such as PHP, CSS, HTML, JavaScript, etc., familiar with the WordPress interface and how it operates. Developers usually write and refine the codes, if you are a tech nerd with good coding skills then you can land a job in website development with ease.

WordPress Administrator: WordPress administrators need a strong understanding of how the site works, plus some specific technical skills. It includes management of the website and its user accounts, performance analysis, and other daily activities that ensure the site's proper functioning.

Theme Developer: Many businesses build their own WordPress extensions or themes, which can be offered for a flat fee or a monthly subscription on the markets such as,, etc. If you have the ability to design versatile themes and know how to code then you can enter a prominent organization developing WordPress themes and plugins. After gaining some experience you can even create better themes or extensions for your own website.

WordPress Content Writer/Manager: If you are interested in writing, this might be the perfect domain for you. This function usually includes editing or modifying the content and writing new content on different WordPress websites. This may consist of web page revisions, blog posts, product descriptions, FAQs, and other written material. Though there is no need for technological expertise, it is helpful to consider some technical aspects such as taxonomies, installation, and removal of plugins, some specific HTML to incorporate graphics, images, gifs, etc., into the content.

Now settle down and reflect about what job would best suit you based on your previous experiences, existing knowledge, and skills! Then you have an objective to which you should serve.

Note: If you want to share your story, and incident of your life but don't know how to write it to make it engaging for others. Narrative essay is the best way to write your life events in a memorable way.

Develop and improve the required WordPress capabilities

After analyzing the career you want to pursue, the next step is developing and improving your WordPress skills. You might want to learn the skills that will help to accomplish your aims and your dreams in designing and developing WordPress. So start working on the skills that you want to leverage in your career!

For example, you need to study and understand the CCS, Python, HTML, JavaScript, and WordPress framework if you want to be a WordPress developer. You can begin by taking WordPress courses to learn the fundamentals. Then learn how to use codding and software by taking technical courses on Tuts+, Treat house, and Code Academy etc. to code your own WordPress Website.

You can also work as a graphic designer that would enable you to become familiar with using Adobe Creative Suite. To learn more about this field, you can take in-person classes or online courses to further your knowledge.

Would you like to become a content writer? Start to write! Select some online articles and attempt to generate a new article based on its content. Learn the best guidelines for content blogging and content Layout. Learn how to do analysis and get to know the WordPress CMS in order to understand how to format and upload your articles properly.

You would like to learn more about WordPress SEO and other digital marketing ideas, too. This can be pretty helpful when searching for a job! However, it is a good idea to familiarize yourself with the forum, no matter what career you choose. We suggest having your own website. You can launch a WordPress website free of charge and learn the essentials.

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