Easily switch careers to tech, with our coding bootcamps

Easily switch careers to tech, with our coding bootcamps

Students like Natasha Lopez show that, no matter how daunting this change can seem, hard work and the right support will get you on your path to a job in the tech industry.

These are difficult times for any career. Cancellations, cutbacks, work hour reductions, partial pay, furloughs, and retrenchments are sweeping the economic landscape. With all these challenges threatening the livelihoods of thousands of career professionals, and so many companies embracing a ‘new normal’ of remote calls, zoom meetings, and digital services, many are considering switching careers to tech. However, deciding to switch careers to tech can be confusing and scary – but you’re not alone. Hundreds of people are successfully making the switch with the help of our specialised mentored coding bootcamps. 

One of these people is HyperionDev Software Engineer bootcamp student Natasha Lopez, who signed up to learn programming with us full-time online during the Covid-19 lockdown. 

Economic slow-down, and the news no-one wants to hear

When the coronavirus outbreak began, and lockdown was announced, her job in the oil and gas industry was one of the many thousands affected. Her industry was hit hard: the global shutdown and a significant decrease in global economic activity lead to a drop in demand for gas and fuel. With businesses all over shutting down, her industry was forced to cut back.

“Before lockdown, I was a process engineer on contract carrying out design engineering. I worked from home during part of the lockdown, but my contract was terminated earlier than expected because the project scope was reduced.”

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