Bringing in the next gen software for the world : The Contactless Attendance System

Bringing in the next gen software for the world : The Contactless Attendance System

Avail our automated face-recognition based attendance software to go contact-free in your corporate office. Enforce proper social distancing guidelines with our solution. Reach us to know more.

No one would have imagined that the word “Contact” would bring out so much panic among the world population. But here we are. Observing everything and making new implications in every industry possible for the safety and hygiene.

Wondering what we are talking about? It is the Face Recognition Attendance Software implemented in the companies of course.

Bye-Bye Biometric attendance system:

In case you would have forgotten about biometric after a long time of working from home, let me remind you. It is a system that scans the fingerprint of the employees when they touch the screen to mark the attendance.

But you see, that’s when the shock of COVID-19 came attacking the whole economy. So, to provide you with a solution and for you to protect your office atmosphere, Appdupe has come with the Face recognition based attendance software.

Workflow of the software:

Come let’s take a look at how the software works

  • The face of the user is scanned by the attached camera in the device and the facial features are analyzed.
  • The analyzed feature of the user’s face is then compared with the faces stored in the database and the details of the user are retrieved.*
  • The user would be given a few seconds to put on the mask and then their face would be scanned again.*
  • Then the space around the user is scanned for ensuring that the social distance is maintained according to the guidelines. *
  • The attendance is marked only when these criteria are met.

Concluding note: Mind blown by the software? Want to try it? Then don’t wait further and get in touch with the Appdupe experts team for a free demo. Make your workplace more safe, secure and hygienic with the Face Recognition Based attendance Software.

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Face Recognition Attendance System source code

Download Free Face Recognition Attendance System with source code. In this project attendance monitoring system using face recognition we have developed an automatic attendance system which can be used in every organisation to mark the attendance. This project attendance monitoring system is very helpful in teaching institutions, where the attendance of students has to be monitored on daily basis. The method developed in this project provides a secure and effective way of recording attendance.  This whole mechanism performs two steps, first detect the face and then then recognize the detected face.