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Do You Need Commercial Truck Insurance?

Your truck probably cost you a large chunk of your fortune. For that reason, you might have decided against spending any more money on it until you've recouped your investment. However, even if you discard maintenance duties and services, getting commercial truck insurance is a must as it’s legally required.

If you don't get insurance, what happens in the case of an accident? What if your truck suffers a dent or gets stolen? Will you be willing to part with another hefty sum of money?

And mind you: regular trucks are already expensive enough, now imagine you own the specialized kind! What if you're a haulage company?

Then you probably own several trucks, both regular and specialized. Are you ready for such a financial outlay? What would your investors say?

So, to answer the question, yes, you need insurance like Assured Standard for your commercial truck. It is a safe bet against financial burdens — and it's not even a question of if you should get one but how soon it should be!

That said, just any kind of insurance won't suffice for your truck. Besides, there are several types of insurance that work with varying conditions. But how, how can you pick one when you are not an expert?

Don't fret; this article will guide you. Here, we have listed the different types of truck insurance and explained what each entails. 

Choosing From The Different Types Of Commerce Truck Insurance

Liability Coverage

The first and obligatory insurance you should consider for your trucks is liability coverage. Besides it being a federal and state requirement for truck drivers and companies, this insurance is quite multifaceted. Primary liability coverage covers all forms of damage and injuries for third parties during an accident. 

It essentially acts as a security net for their employees, trucks, and third parties. And it doesn't matter if the accident happened on another's premises, this insurance covers it all — even delivery and loading mistakes.

Physical Damage Coverage

After liability truck insurance, truck insurance companies should consider physical damage coverage. And unlike other types of insurance, this kind is particularly streamlined for damages, fires, thefts, and vandalism.

However, note that physical damage coverage is most effective when your truck inflicted losses on your properties.

Non-trucking Liability Coverage

Also known as bobtail coverage, this insurance is for independent drivers, and works best when such individuals fall short of private liability insurance.

Another thing you should note is that bobtail coverage insurance kicks in when a truck driver damages a company's vehicle while on personal voyages. However, the "personal voyages" should not be scrupulous like making money off the company's trucks.

Cargo Insurance

Like the name, this insurance reduces the losses on your cargo in the case of an accident. While the insurance might not pay for all the losses, your freight type and the conditions surrounding the accident will improve the chances of getting higher reimbursements.

Other insurance you should consider for your truck:

  • Rental reimbursement - provides money to rent a makeshift till when repairs on your damaged truck are complete.
  • Uninsured/underinsured motorists - saves you from huge expenses when the third party with no insurance hits your truck.


Commercial truck insurance is a necessity if you are either an independent driver or a haulage company. It saves you from losses and emergencies. And if you don't know which one to get for your trucks, the listed coverages in this piece will help you. Be safe out there!


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Do You Need Commercial Truck Insurance?

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Key Essentials To Find The Right Life Insurance Agent

When you are thinking about getting a life insurance policy, it is essential to select a life insurance agent in Ontario who can help you in actual. Getting a life insurance policy can be perplexing or intricate. The key to purchasing the right amount and the right kind of policy at a good rate is a good broker or agent. You are supposed to select the one who:

Give details, in terms you can understand without any difficulty, issues, options and planned use of life insurance in your financial program

Is accredited by the state insurance department

Is equipped to assess with you from time to time – possibly every three years or so – whether the product continues to be appropriate for your situation and needs

Provides you with a modified written document that:

Explain the features of the life insurance and the way it fits into your circumstances

Records the facts of your current financial and personal circumstances

Understands your financial circumstances, including your attitudes regarding risk, your income and estate tax “brackets”, and your other financial assets and obligations, in addition to your person circumstances

If you do not have life insurance broker in Ottawa who fits this description, as your business associates and other people for references with an excellent reputation. A broker or an agent who has one or more professional financial services designations has demonstrated a commitment to specialized education in the field.

The Bottom Line

The most excellent approach to protect yourself and your family members is to make sure that you understand what you are purchasing and the nature of the fees, fines, or limitations of the product if you would like to drop the policy.

Did you know that you can now get life insurance quotes online from Stewart Ranft Insurance Group? Consult today for details!

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How much does an on-demand insurance app development cost?

Nowadays insurance is essential for any purpose like health, life, car, fire, home, and many more. The Insurance business is currently in trending and it remains in the future also.

Benefits of Insurance Mobile App Development:

· Automation of processes

· Providing information about the company

· Customer base growth

· Constant communication

· Simplification of drawing up of the insurance deal

· Personalized offers

· The ability to receive feedback from customers

Cost to make an On-Demand Insurance mobile app:

On a general level, the cost of insurance app development is around $90,000 as a whole that is divided into three major components. It will cost approximately $35,000 for consumers, $30,000 for service providers, and $25,000 for admin. This is the cost breakdown of App Development for Insurance.

Actual cost depends on various factors like features, location (USA, INDIA and UK), Platform (Android & iOS), technology, Number of time invested and app complexity.

Features of Insurance App Development:

· Profile

· Policy details

· All policies/find a policy

· Quote

· File a claim

· Payment processing

· Customer support

· Notifications

· Chatbots/AI

· Document/image uploading

Features for an agent-side app are similar to those for clients:

Agent profiles
List of policies
History of all claims, resolved and in-process

Are you planning to build an Insurance mobile App? AppClues Infotech is a custom on-demand mobile app development company that helps to builds an exceptional and high-performance mobile app with all the latest features and technologies which gives a high ROI for your insurance business.

Insurance Mobile App Development Services:

• Health Insurance App Development
• Life Insurance App Development
• Vehicle Insurance App Development
• Property Insurance App Development
• Travel Insurance App Development
• General Insurance App Development

We can provide a more precise estimate upon request. Just leave a message on our contact us page. You can also ask us any remaining questions about how to create your own insurance app.

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Build A Roadside Assistance App Like Uber For Tow Truck

What Is Uber For Tow Truck?

The technologies of the new age are constantly growing. From food ordering to grocery shopping, everything is done online with just a few taps on mobile phones. To cope with growing trends, you need to make a mark online to be acknowledged as an established business.

Uber for tow truck is a tow truck or roadside assistance booking app to help people stuck in the middle of the highway due to vehicle breakdown. It offers an excellent opportunity for entrepreneurs to Build a Roadside Assistance App like Uber for tow truck to assist customers in desperate situations, thereby gaining a solid customer base.

How The Uber For Tow Truck Works?

  • The Users can log in to the mobile app using their user details provided.
  • They can search for tow trucks services and select their choice from the list.
  • On approval of the service request, the customer shares their location information, vehicle information such as vehicle registration number, vehicle model, etc. with tow truck service providers.
  • The Truck service provider arrives at the location and does the needful to the customer. The user then proceeds with the payment.

How do you develop an on-demand roadside assistance app?

The app consists of three modules

  1. Customer App
  2. Towing service App
  3. Admin App

You can add unique features to your app to make it distinctive

Search Filter: The users can search for nearby roadside assistance and add filters to find the truck services as per their need.

Book and Tracking: This feature enables the user to book for the truck service and track the location of the service provider and give them directions to their location if required

Multiple payment methods: Multiple payment options helps the user to choose their convenient mode of payment for availing the service.

Accept/reject booking: This feature enables the service vendor to accept or reject the booking service based on their convenience and availability

Manage payments: The admin app can have the feature to manage both the user and tow service provider profiles and ensure the smooth delivery of services.

Wrapping Up,

Launching a roadside app like Uber can help you reach hundreds of people stuck in the corners of the world that will help your business grow far and wide. On-demand roadside assistance app development requires skilled developers to build the app with advanced features. That is why our dedicated developers in TurnkeyTown are here to help you with a readymade app solution to elevate your business profits!

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Best Insurance Mobile App Development Company

Are you planning to build an Insurance market platform like Policy Bazaar? AppClues Infotech is a custom on-demand mobile app development company that helps to builds an exceptional and high-performance mobile app with all the latest features and technologies which gives a high ROI for your insurance business.

Our Insurance Mobile App Development Services:
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• Car Insurance App Development
• Property Insurance App Development
• Travel Insurance App Development
• General Insurance App Development

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How to Build a Car Insurance Mobile App?

AppClues Infotech is one of the leading mobile app development company in India & USA that offers a car insurance comparison app & Auto insurance app for Android/iOS at budget prices.

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