How Good QA can Save Your Business Money | TestFort Blog

How Good QA can Save Your Business Money | TestFort Blog

Developer diligence can’t be the only safeguard for your software. You absolutely need quality assurance. Here’s how good QA can save you money, and what you need to know to find a good fit for your QA team.


The IT industry’s default management method is (mostly) Agile. One sprint can last for about two weeks and contains a specific list of tasks to be done. Every sprint should comprise five steps of the software testing lifecycle, and some pieces of requirements should be implemented.

Quality assurance needs to be an integral part of every single one of those sprints. Good QA can save your business. Good QA introduced at an early stage of development can even help your business grow faster.

Here’s how you can help your business succeed in the long run with good QA as a foundational part of your development process.


Here are thirteen core responsibilities of the QA engineers:

Analysis and clarification of requirements with the customer or business analysts;
Planning the testing process;
Writing test cases (test scripts);
Functional testing;
Identification of problem areas, their inclusion in the tracking system;
Discussion of fixes with developers;
Tracking the life cycle of errors;
Re-test of fixed defects;
Testing analysis;
Optimization of the testing process;
Analysis of teamwork processes;
Process improvement;
Maintenance of test documentation.


To find out more about the importance of testing and how to do quality assurance, you can have a look at the significant issues that the role of QA is responsible for.

Prerequisites for the software: We should realize what we are developing and testing, and the degree of this awareness has to be presented in figures. Potential risks or missed problems at the specification level can lead to the most serious and expensive errors.

The quality of the product: It’s necessary to evaluate the attributes of development and program to make forecasts and assess risks. You should know how good and reliable the product is. You should rely not only on the presence or absence of errors found but just predicting whether there are many possible problems.

Features of the QA team: A qualified QA team lead will help the team manage the testing process, plan tests to meet specified production timings, and make sure that the current QA team’s capabilities match the demands of the project.

The qualification of the team: In addition to the quality of the product itself, you need to measure the effectiveness of the QA process and the team. To continually optimize and improve the traits of work, you need to know where you are now – this allows you to move forward and be aware of what makes you slow down the speed.

Feedback and product satisfaction: It’s good to measure the overall degree of satisfaction with the product, highlight trends, and draw appropriate conclusions. Properly selected metrics for this issue will allow you to identify possible problems in time and quickly apply feedback to improve processes.


Now you’re familiar with the role of engineers in the program development lifecycle. It’s time to consider the value of this position for reducing costs. At TestFort, we believe that it’s better to say that you save your expenses and you pay only for the tasks that bring measurable value to the project.

Here are the ways to save money with the help of QA:

Security compliance. If you build an app that processes payments anyhow or deals with money transactions, engineers will do their best to make sure that each money transfer will be addressed to the right account.
Early debugging. The earlier an engineer detects the bugs, the cheaper it will be to fix it. Prevention is always better than the cure, so having a QA in a team is necessary.

A reputation that matters. If you launch the app with some bugs, you will never have the second chance to make the first impression. Your customers may think that you don’t really care about them.
High quality of the product. This phrase comprises all the elements from the right design of the buttons to the smooth navigation, fast request handling and so on. High quality also means that you get the right product that you expected at the very beginning, and you don’t have to remake it.

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Need to outsource testing? Here’s how you find a team! | TestFort Blog

Need to outsource testing? Here’s how you find a team! | TestFort Blog

If you’ve made the decision to outsource testing, you’re already on the right track. Next step: finding a team.

At the most basic level, your requirements for a software testing outsourcing company will revolve around budget, qualifications, availability, and process management. The right choice will influence the company plans to deliver a new product to the market in a short time. Efficient cooperation will lead to a high level of services and expertise of each remote team member.

How to find a reliable remote company? How to make the right choice? We’ve prepared a short guide for you on what to do to find a good QA company.

An essential factor of working with QA outsourcing companies is their location.

Time zone differences will dictate when and how you communicate.

Overall development culture will determine whether your remote testers gel well with your in-house developers.

Finally, the country’s economy and infrastructure will dictate the cost of working with your outsourcing partner.

Working with partners from Eastern Europe provides the best balance of all three factors.

Costs of testing in Eastern Europe are significantly lower than those in the EU and US, while the QA engineers themselves can sometimes outperform western competitors. All countries in Eastern Europe are easy to travel to, and the time difference is seldom a problem. There are always at least 2 hours of overlap between Ukrainian testing companies and the Silicon Valley, while with Polish companies that overlap is increased to 3 hours.

The most appealing advantage is a big number of IT experts in this location. You will find a solid number of software testing outsourcing companies in Ukraine and neighbouring countries. By the way, Ukraine was recognized as the “Offshoring Destination of the Year” by Global Sourcing Association (GSA) in 2017.

Here are the primary steps to choosing a remote QA company:

Check their portfolio: If the company has worked over similar projects that you have, used technologies that you are interested in, you can add it to the list of candidates for further consideration.

Check hourly rates: You will pay more for the QA services if you work with a team from the US than from Eastern Europe. The cost shouldn’t be the only criteria for making a decision but it’s worth thinking about.

Years on the market: If the company has been providing QA services for a few years, you can add it to the list of reliable companies.

Flexibility: It’s good to communicate with the company representatives and find out if they can adapt to changes if they appear. And it’s good to know if there’s a possibility to scale the team up or down depending on the project development flow.

References and reviews: You can read about the chosen companies on sites like Goodfirms or Clutch. You will get good or bad reviews from real clients.

Qualification: Before you start cooperation with any of the QA companies, it’s good to find out if the team has any certificates (for example, ISTQB).

There are several engagement models that outsourcing software testing companies offer. We’ll talk about the most popular ones.

Dedicated team. You expand your engineering capacity with this team. And you have a group of people that is focused only on your project. It means that they work full-time and the team size can scale up with time if required. This type of cooperation is good for long-term projects. Such QA companies can call themselves technology partners.

On-demand team. It’s the best option for short-time projects where you need one or a few QA engineers for a few weeks or months. This model requires thorough planning from your side and dividing the tasks into small chunks for the most efficient workflow. In this case, remote companies can pick up new QAs for every new project.

A good remote team will offer you a high level of communication. It means you receive answers in a short time and you get a full description of your future cooperation. When you have found a few companies that have qualified and ready-to-work engineers, communication quality can become the thing that will influence your choice.

We’re here to assist you with the search for the best QA company that will deliver high-quality services. We know such teams in Ukraine and we can give you its name. Just drop us a message and let us help you.

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Software testing is a sensible activity which identifies defects in the software bugs or loopholes and helps in correcting and preventing those bug and loopholes before the software get released to the end-user. In this universe of increasing addictiveness on Software, Improper performing of software can lead to serious situations, for example, injuries or might be death (airplane software failure might lead to fatalities), loss of time, loss of money and etc. Software testing field has become one of the fastest-developing industries of corporate IT expenditure. In Delhi are there were lots of opportunities for software testing. As indicated by Pierre Audoin Consultants Testing has become one of the fastest-developing segment of corporate IT sector and worldwide it is spending on testing will reach approximately €85bn in 2011, and will nearly hit the €300bn mark by 2017 meaning that is enormous growth in opportunities for Software Testers.

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