Foldable Sidebar In Flutter

Foldable Sidebar In Flutter

Foldable Sidebar In Flutter. A Package to Create Foldable Flutter Navigation Sidebar Drawer In Your Flutter App. Adding a foldable flutter navigation sidebar drawer to your Flutter Application. A foldable sidebar navigation drawer using the foldable_sidebar package.

A Flutter Package To Create Foldable Sidebar Navigation Drawer In Your Flutter App

A navigation drawer gives admittance to objections and application usefulness, like exchanging accounts. It can either be forever on-screen or constrained by a navigation menu icon. Mobile applications have various ways to deal with navigating between screens like Navigation drawer, Bottom Navigation bar, Sliding tabs, etc.

Flutter makes it simple for developers to utilize the navigation drawer without composing a significant part of the code without anyone else.


this blog, we will explorethe** Foldable Sidebar In Flutter.** We will implement a foldable sidebar demo program and create a foldable sidebar navigation drawer using thefoldable_sidebar package in your flutter applications.

Table Of Contents ::

Foldable Sidebar


Code Implement

Code File


navigation-drawer flutter dart foldable

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