Desktop Progressive Web Apps (PWA)

Desktop Progressive Web Apps (PWA)

Progressive Web Apps are more than mobile websites. They can be installed on desktops as well. Learn details of how PWAs work on your desktop.

Chrome 70 was released in mid October 2018 and added several new features including native support for the Web Authentication API, better security features and what I have been waiting for, desktop **[Progressive Web App (PWA)**]( support.

As of Chrome 73 desktop progressive web applications are supported on Windows, MacOS, Linux and ChromeOS.

The formal install or add to desktop experience is available in both Chrome and Edge. For other browsers it is available, just not as 'native'.

Even though consumers have migrated to more mobile-first and mobile only, business still operates by an large on the desktop. Having a solid install or add to desktop story Progressive Web Applications become more appealing to business and enterprise for their internal applications.

If you are not familiar with what PWAs are they are websites that leverage modern capabilities and best practices to deliver an app-like user experience without losing the advantages offered by the web. In short they are super hero websites.

This makes them desired by both business and consumers. Businesses can now offer more native application functionality and experiences, like rich offline support that engages users. Consumers benefit because properly built progressive web applications offer a superior user experience.

A common misconception is progressive web applications are a mobile only thing. This is not the case. If you have a modern website it should rely on responsive design and of course make the site easy to use on mobile, but also any other screen.

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