Top 10 Business Intelligence Tools of 2020

Top 10 Business Intelligence Tools of 2020

How to pick which are the right tools to learn for the business. The BI and analytics industry is expected to soar to a value of $26.50 billion by the end of 2021.

In the rapidly growing world of today, when technology is expanding at a rate like never before, there are plenty of tools and skills to explore, learn, and master. In this digital and data age, Business Information and Intelligence have climbed up the ladder of important business skills to a great extent, if

Business Intelligence can be weighed as important organizational competence these days! Organizations now propel their business far ahead of their competitors by potentially boosting brand awareness, internal engagement, organizational efficiency, and profitability with the help of BI.

The BI and analytics industry is expected to soar to a value of $26.50 billion by the end of 2021

Moreover, companies that use BI analytics are five times more likely to make swifter, more informed decisions. In that case, it is quintessential to embolden Business Intelligence skills. In this story, I have listed the top BI tools used in industries in 2020. There are a lot of BI tools existing and being used today but below are the most popular ones, in alphabetical order.

Let’s get to know them…!

1. Google Data Studio

First rolled out in 2016, Google Data Studio might be the free, web-based suite that Google has to offer but Google’s user-friendly, intuitive design to business intelligence might be one of its strongest selling points.

Pros: Works great with data sourced from Google, like Google Analytics, Search Console, AdWords, YouTube analytics, and others. You can literally pull in any data you’d like from a Google Sheet.

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