Using Window.matchMedia in React

Using Window.matchMedia in React

Spoiler: Safari makes it messy

Why Use window.matchMedia?

Usually, we can use a css @media query to change how content is displayed for users with different screen sizes. Sometimes, however, it can be difficult to achieve your desired effect with CSS alone. Maybe:

  • the layout is so different that you might as well rewrite the entire component
  • you want to include some other logic, like different logging or something
  • your brain is fried, and you can’t figure out the CSS.

Whatever your reasoning, checking the screen size using JavaScript can be a useful tool.

Step 0: Set up

Let’s set the scene:

You have a React functional component, MyReponsiveComponent. You want to display one thing for desktop users and something completely different for users with narrower devices. You have a variable, isNarrowScreen, that you're using to switch between the two, but for now, it's always set to false.

const MyReponsiveComponent = () => {
  const isNarrowScreen = false;
  if (isNarrowScreen) {
    return (<div>This is what you see on mobile!</div>);
  } else {
    return (<div>This is what you see on desktop!</div>);

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