Implementing FaceID Technology with a Siamese Neural Network

Implementing FaceID Technology with a Siamese Neural Network

Implementing FaceID Technology with a Siamese Neural Network. Understanding more weird networks.

Face ID is a technology, that allows devices to give access tho themselves only to allowed identities. It uses this looking at the person’s face and if it is recognized as a person with access, the systems give it. For a long time, it was implementing throw different technologies, but nowadays after the massive development of the ANN and achieving high performance in computer vision by CNNs, the Neural Network has become a more attractive way to do that.

First Way — simple CNN.

The most straightforward way to do that would be to build a simple CNN that would classify the user’s face as the ‘owner’/’non-owner’ of this device. However, this implementation has some drawbacks.

  • It takes a lot of time and computing power to train a neural network, especially CNN.CNN should be trained for every person separately.

So the user wouldn’t buy a device If he/she must wait for 3 to 5 hours to train the model that would recognize himself. Also, it takes a lot of images. Image how the user must take around 1000 selfies of him/herself for face recognition.

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