E-learning app like Coursera - Enhance your skills by using our Clone App

E-learning app like Coursera - Enhance your skills by using our Clone App

At Appdupe, we confer you with the Coursera clone that enables you to immediately launch an online learning platform connecting students with global instructors in a jiffy. A splendid virtual classroom software with terrific features. Multilingual Support. Course Downloads. Share Files. Live Video Streaming. Course Certificate Generation. Connect with us to know more!

E-learning has become a booming industry now and they cover school education, subjects taught in colleges and universities, technical courses, and specific skill-oriented training.

The users of an E-learning app like coursera can get world-class content provided to them covering a range of subjects and fields. It helps them to boost their portfolio and improves their chances of employment.

The Coursera clone script offers different components like an admin panel, an instructor panel, a learner module, and apps that work both on Android and iOS devices.

The features include an advanced search and filter option, a lecture scheduling facility, access to both free and premium courses, social sharing, a rating and review system, the provision of real-time data analytics, a live class facility through video conferencing, and integration with numerous payment gateways.

The highlights of the Coursera clone solution are

Course certificates are provided to each student after they successfully complete each course on the platform. This gives them more confidence and also is a proof that they have become an expert in that specific subject.

Lectures given by the top professors and subject matter experts can be downloaded and viewed offline by the users.

Adequate flexibility is provided as each course can be structured according to the knowledge level of the student. It can be divided into basic, intermediate, and difficult levels.

The availability of tests and quizzes once the users finish their respective courses. This serves as a yardstick of their performance and checks their knowledge and understanding of the subject. The results will be shared immediately and the students can take the course again to improve their overall score.

An exclusive instructor dashboard is used by the person who is moderating the course and delivering the lecture to the students. He can view details like the number of hours, chapters completed, and the number of users enrolled in his course.

Subtitles are provided to each course in multiple languages according to the geographical location of the users.

Apart from the course material, crisp videos thoroughly explaining complex concepts and informative articles will be shared regularly with the students.

Make a huge impact in the fast-growing education sector with the E-learning app like coursera that is tailor-made to satisfy all your business requirements. Visit our site to know more details

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