Desmond  Gerber

Desmond Gerber


How Many Devs Does It Take to Fly To Mars?

This Week on Planet Internet:

  • Props to the 12k open source devs Github says contributed to Ingenuity’s maiden voyage! (0:33)
  • Hands up if you think the Mars Helicopter video is a deep fake (3:52)
  • Catch David’s Hot Take on Facebook’s pivot to audio (06:18)
  • Hey WTF happened to Libra? (07:23)
  • Are kids growing up during a global pandemic more likely to get face tattoos? (08:50)
  • Is Substack’s margin really Facebook’s opportunity? (11:03)
  • Find out how Facebook’s moderators accidentally helped Hacker Noon sell more t-shirts (15:46)
  • Is any system that claims to be blockchain voting “neither blockchain, nor voting?” (17:13)
  • Do you stan #decentralization? (22:42)
  • What worldwide crypto adoption sounds like (25:23)
  • Oh hey, happy 4/20, everybody! (30:12)

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1. Open source goes to Mars by Nat Friedman for The GitHub Blog

2. Five takeaways about Facebook’s pivot to audio by Casey Newton from Platformer

3. 3 Reasons Why Blockchain Won’t #ReleaseTheKraken: An Interview with John Sebes of by Benjamin Bateman for Hacker Noon

4. Cannabis banking act passes U.S. House with bipartisan support by Matt Burns (lol) for Tech Crunch

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How Many Devs Does It Take to Fly To Mars?