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Best Javascript Animation Libraries for 2021 -

Animation is the process of making drawings or figures seem like images in motion. In traditional animation, images are drawn or painted by hand on transparent celluloid sheets to be photographed and exhibited on film whereas, in today’s era, most of the animations are done by the use of Computer-generated imagery(CGI)

Computer animations are also available in different types. It can be very detailed 3D animations or 2D animations, which may seem very old compared to the former. Other animation methods that are commonly used use a stop motion technique for 2D and 3D objects.

The need for Animation
We have heard and seen a lot about Animations but what’s the purpose they solve? Don’t we have any other option to catch the attention of the audience? While yes, but the other methods are technically secondary or weaker than the effect.

The Advantages of using Animations are

Better Audience Retention– Retention rate is defined as the time a person has spent on the site, be it watching or reading something. Animations help to make the content more exciting, leading to the audience becoming more intrigued to stay there.
Level of Engagement– The better the quality of animations used, the more will be the attention level and it will improve your audience’s tendency to remember each and every detail you give. This helps in making sure that the audience gives more attention which would lead to more conversions.
Customer Loyalty– One of the full-proof ways to increase the loyalty of your customers is by offering them some kind of reward for sharing videos or pictures. Along with this, giving some kind of discount to your users on referrals and all will also improve their loyalty.
Quality leads– If you can create videos or pictures with good quality animations that are interesting, you will be able to generate better quality leads for your business. Creating custom content that is loved by your audience not only makes them more engaged but also make them more likely to purchase items from you.
For a know About the Best Javascript Animation Libraries for 2021

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Best Javascript Animation Libraries for 2021 -

GSAP (Green Sock Animation Platform) Web SVG Animation | JavaScript Animation Library

Today we are going to look at how to design and create a fully working website animation using the GSAP (Green Sock Animation Platform). SVG animation is actually not so complicated and can be a lot of fun. With the help of GSAP we can do powerful web animations with ease.

Article + Files:

Part 1 - Designing the website layout: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZmGfH6CJNYY

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Hire Dedicated JavaScript Developers -Hire JavaScript Developers

It is said that a digital resource a business has must be interactive in nature, so the website or the business app should be interactive. How do you make the app interactive? With the use of JavaScript.

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7 Best Javascript Iframe Libraries

Iframes let you build user experiences into embeddable ‘cross-domain components’, which let users interact with other sites without being redirected. I have compiled 7 best Javascript iframe libraries.

1. Zoid

A cross-domain component toolkit, supporting:

  • Render an iframe or popup on a different domain, and pass down props, including objects and functions
  • Call callbacks natively from the child window without worrying about post-messaging or cross-domain restrictions
  • Create and expose components to share functionality from your site to others!
  • Render your component directly as a React, Vue or Angular component!
    It’s ‘data-down, actions up’ style components, but 100% cross-domain using iframes and popups!



2. Postmate

Postmate is a promise-based API built on postMessage. It allows a parent page to speak with a child iFrame across origins with minimal effort.


3. Iframe Resizer

Keep same and cross domain iFrames sized to their content with support for window/content resizing, in page links, nesting and multiple iFrames

Iframe Resizer



4. Iframely

Embed proxy. Supports over 1800 domains via custom parsers, oEmbed, Twitter Cards and Open Graph




5. React Frame component

This component allows you to encapsulate your entire React application or per component in an iFrame.

React Frame component



6. Seamless.js

A seamless iframe makes it so that visitors are unable to distinguish between content within the iframe and content beside the iframe. Seamless.js is a JavaScript library (with no dependencies) that makes working with iframes easy by doing all the seamless stuff for you automatically.




7. Porthole

A proxy to safely communicate to cross-domain iframes in javascript




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What is JavaScript - Stackfindover - Blog

Who invented JavaScript, how it works, as we have given information about Programming language in our previous article ( What is PHP ), but today we will talk about what is JavaScript, why JavaScript is used The Answers to all such questions and much other information about JavaScript, you are going to get here today. Hope this information will work for you.

Who invented JavaScript?

JavaScript language was invented by Brendan Eich in 1995. JavaScript is inspired by Java Programming Language. The first name of JavaScript was Mocha which was named by Marc Andreessen, Marc Andreessen is the founder of Netscape and in the same year Mocha was renamed LiveScript, and later in December 1995, it was renamed JavaScript which is still in trend.

What is JavaScript?

JavaScript is a client-side scripting language used with HTML (Hypertext Markup Language). JavaScript is an Interpreted / Oriented language called JS in programming language JavaScript code can be run on any normal web browser. To run the code of JavaScript, we have to enable JavaScript of Web Browser. But some web browsers already have JavaScript enabled.

Today almost all websites are using it as web technology, mind is that there is maximum scope in JavaScript in the coming time, so if you want to become a programmer, then you can be very beneficial to learn JavaScript.

JavaScript Hello World Program

In JavaScript, ‘document.write‘ is used to represent a string on a browser.

<script type="text/javascript">
	document.write("Hello World!");

How to comment JavaScript code?

  • For single line comment in JavaScript we have to use // (double slashes)
  • For multiple line comments we have to use / * – – * /
<script type="text/javascript">

//single line comment

/* document.write("Hello"); */


Advantages and Disadvantages of JavaScript

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10 Best JavaScript Animation Libraries In 2021 - Solace Infotech Pvt Ltd

You can add simple animations by just using simple CSS animations. But for more complex or advanced effects, Javascript is a better tool. Using javascript, creating javascript is more challenging than using CSS. Javascript animations are carried out by including gradual adjustments to a component’s fashion. You can add them in-line as a part of your code, or embed them in different objects. When delivering, these changes are alluded to as up by a timer. Also, you can manage the continuity of animations by adjusting the time interval of adjustments. Here is a list of Javascript animation libraries that you can use.

Top 10 Javascript Animation Libraries To In 2021-

1. Velocity.js-
It combines the best of CSS transitions and jQuery. It rates near about 17K stars on GitHub and support of prominent users such as Whatsapp and Mailchimp. Delaying, reversing, looping, hiding/showing elements, property math(+, -, *, /), and hardware acceleration, etc part of features. Velocity.js can be used to scroll browser windows. It can work with jQuery loaded in your browser and also independent of it, and can undo previous animations.

2. Anime.js-
It is a light-weight animation library having 350 stars on GitHub. You should use it to animate HTML, CSS, JS, SVG and DOM attributes. With in-built staggering system, it can create ripples, directional actions, follow-through and overlapping results seem easy. It can be used on each timing and property. You can do lots of things with built-in callback and management capabilities. For occasion, you may play, pause, manage, reverse and set off occasions in sync.

3. GreenSockJS-
Know more at- https://solaceinfotech.com/blog/10-best-javascript-animation-libraries-in-2021/

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