Best Java Development Tools to Streamline Your Workflow

Java provides a platform for developing and distributing application software on a wide range of computing platforms, including embedded devices, smartphones, and supercomputers.

We offer some of the most reliable, customer-centric Java engineering services you’ll find. A range of Java-powered tools will streamline every stage of your Java development, testing, and deployment process. Here is a list of the 10 most useful Java tools for developers, and here’s how to get them.


A DevOps technology used to manage source code, Git is essential for Java developers. Git is a free version control system that allows multiple engineers to collaborate on nonlinear development projects. It is an open-source version control system for managing large and complex projects.

– Retains a record
– Free and available source
– Supports non-linear development
– Performs backups
– Scalable
– Facilitates cooperation
– Branching is simple
– Distributed construction


Often used in projects to achieve continuous integration and continuous delivery, Jenkins is a Java-based, open-source automation server.


With Jenkins, you can deploy Java applications on Windows, Mac OS, and Unix-like operating systems, regardless of the platform.

A web interface that includes error checking and integrated help makes Jenkins easy to install and set up.
– Available Plugins: There are hundreds of plugins in the Update Center that integrate with every CI and CD tool.
– Extensible: Through its plugin architecture, Jenkins can be extended to provide virtually limitless functionality.
– Simple Distribution: Jenkins can share tasks among many computers and as a result, things will be more quickly accomplished.
– Jenkins is an open-source tool supported by a large community.

Apache Maven

Maven is a software tool for managing and building projects. It handles project development, reporting, and documentation through a centralized database. An important feature of Maven is dependency management, which is based on the concept of the Project Object Model (POM).

Since many of our Java applications rely extensively on third-party libraries, manually downloading the JAR file for each one can be time-consuming and hard. This is where Maven can help because it automatically downloads them all.

– A simple and fast configuration that adheres to industry best practices to launch a new project or module in seconds
– Java plugins are easy to create using this tool
– Easy setup with immediate access to new features
– Ant tasks for dependency management and deployment outside of Maven
– A publication on the management and distribution of releases
– It encourages the use of a common repository for JARs and other dependencies
– Maven versioning– Maven offers conventions
– Extensibility, reusability
– Better quality in delivery
– Less time

IntelliJ Idea

It provides comprehensive support for building online, mobile, and hybrid applications.


– Compares source code across all project files and programming languages
– It lists the most relevant symbols for the present situation.
– It enables translingual refactoring
– Automatically detects duplicate code parts
– Inspections and immediate repairs
– Editor-centric environment
– It facilitates the usage of static methods or constants


In Agile development, Jira is used for tracking bugs, tracking issues, and managing projects.

In Agile software development methodologies like Scrum, for example, teams are able to create ‘Sprints’ in a much more efficient manner, meaning teams can take measured, controlled and (theoretically) shorter breaks from each other.


– It offers tools to map big-picture needs, document your plans, and tie the roadmap’s goals to the team’s everyday tasks.

– Excellent for agile: As a result, one tool provides a unified view of all user stories and can create reports for multiple sprints, like burndown charts, sprint velocity, etc. Users are also able to manage and monitor tickets across sprints and releases. Work effort and job allocation in a team.

– The problem and project tracking software integrates well with several well-known third-party programs, such as Hipchat and Slack, simplifying the communication of concerns and response to alerts. In total, more than three thousand applications are available on the Atlassian Marketplace to enhance the functionality of the software.

– Extremely adaptable: A variety of items can be created and modified in Jira, including tables, forms, timelines, reports, and fields. Each firm can also have its processes customized to meet its needs.

– The program can be used by developers, project managers, engineers, managers, and other non-technical business people.


JUnit is an open-source software tool for performing tests on the Java programming language. This vital instrument for test-driven development and deployment has quickly become a part of many developers’ standard repertoire.


– Preparation of data input and creation of fictitious items

– Input of known data into databases

– Annotations allow fixtures to be executed before or after each test.

– Tests can be developed and executed with JUnit

– It has got some annotations for test method identification

– Helps make statements about what’s being tested

– Using JUnit tests makes coding faster, which results in better code.


Java-based Gradle is a project automation tool that extends Apache Ant and Apache Maven. The tool is also used to develop Android apps by default.

Instead of using XML to declare project configuration, Gradle uses Groovy as its domain-specific language (DSL), making it easier to configure project dependencies and customize them to meet your needs.

Combining elements from various construction tools, it has the flexibility and control of Ant, the dependency management of Ivy, the preference for convention over configuration, the plugins of Maven, and the Groovy DSL on top of Ant. One of the top Java development tools, this tool is in the top 10.


– Better modeling of dependencies with the aid of the Java Library plugin decreases the size of the build classpath.

– It has a remote build cache with practical administration tools

– Gradle Wrapper enables the execution of Gradle builds on uninstalled computers

– It enables both partial and multi-project builds

– It readily conforms to any structure

– Its intelligent classpath prevents wasteful compilation when a library’s binary interface has not changed.


There are such countless producers and open-source supporters in the Java environment that it is difficult to gather a rundown of Java programming devices and innovations without barring numerous huge firms and undertakings. By and large, this rundown of Java programming instruments ought to give an adequate comprehension and assist you with turning into an equipped software engineer. Additionally, if you need to Web & Mobile App developer , Contact us.


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Best Java Development Tools to Streamline Your Workflow
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bindu singh


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How to Install OpenJDK 11 on CentOS 8

What is OpenJDK?

OpenJDk or Open Java Development Kit is a free, open-source framework of the Java Platform, Standard Edition (or Java SE). It contains the virtual machine, the Java Class Library, and the Java compiler. The difference between the Oracle OpenJDK and Oracle JDK is that OpenJDK is a source code reference point for the open-source model. Simultaneously, the Oracle JDK is a continuation or advanced model of the OpenJDK, which is not open source and requires a license to use.

In this article, we will be installing OpenJDK on Centos 8.

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