{Serverless} CloudRun Deploy and Test Through CloudShell with Firestore As Database

{Serverless} CloudRun Deploy and Test Through CloudShell with Firestore As Database

{Serverless} CloudRun Deploy and Test Through CloudShell with Firestore As Database. The most interesting things on top of the Serverless approach for both Cloud Run and the Firestore.


This story mostly explores CloudShell and how we can deploy cloud run through the CloudCode integration. My main reason is to see and utilize cloud shells (for some of us who are using Chromebook and want to have that experience without installing crostini, but it is very well integrated if we choose to use IDE such as VSCode or Intellij). The more I use the chromebook (and loving it so much now), the more I find things that can give me the same experience with Windows / Mac for the development of my apps.

Notes: this story is not a guide, only sharing a concept of experience using services I mentioned and if you are looking for a guide please go to respective official documentation.

HighLevel Ideas

So the high level concept is to create a very simple service that is later deployed into a fully-managed CloudRun and using the custom domain to actually access the workload. Just to add another service I am using the firebase to connect with the cloudRun.

firestore serverless cloud-shell gcp runcloud

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