Episódio 91: Empreender e Programar

Neste episódio abordamos os seguintes tópicos:

  • Como fazer para programar e administrar um negócio ao mesmo tempo?
  • Como fica a vida pessoal quando se está empreendendo e programando?
  • É possível ser um ótimo programador e um ótimo administrador sem prejuízos em nenhum dos dois lados?
  • Qual a importância de Python na vida de um empreendedor/programador? Seria mais difícil se uma linguagem mais burocrática fosse utilizada?
  • O uso de metodologias ágeis (Scrum, Lean e Kanban) em uma startup. Essas metodologias ainda são validas ou já estão mortas?
  • Como são organizadas as tarefas e entregas do time de desenvolvimento?


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Episódio 91: Empreender e Programar

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The E-Scooters Wave Is Coming: Steer Your Business To Success

E-scooters are becoming more and more familiar. The compactness, coupled with the skill of evading jam-packed traffics, makes the fast-paced world lean towards this micro-mobility innovation. Besides, with COVID-19 propelling the need for safety and privacy, you do not have drivers in an E-scooters ecosystem! With the system being entirely automated, people can smart-lock and unlock E-scooters without any hassle.

Various top manufacturers are spending quality hours exhaustively on their R&D to shift from fuel-led automobiles to electric power-generating vehicles. Although people hesitate to make investments when it comes to buying an e-vehicle, using such vehicles for commuting is no big deal. If you’re an entrepreneur aiming to launch an Uber for E-Scooters app, now is the time to roll up your sleeves as E-scooters are being legalized in numerous countries, including New York.

Now, let’s discuss the remunerative advantages of E-scooters and why entrepreneurs needn’t hesitate to initiate their E-scooter App development.

Lucrative Benefits of E-Scooters

Outplay traffic effortlessly: One of the main concerns of people worldwide is not reaching the destination on time due to prolonged traffic. With four-wheelers becoming more predominant, the situation is steeping towards the worsening phase. With its compact nature, E-scooters can help people sail past traffic without a sweat. This way, people conserve and utilize their time efficiently.

The environmental impact: As simple as it may sound, automobiles pollute the environment on a massive scale. It is high-time people raise their concerns against environmental degradation. E-scooters are the best alternatives from the environmental perspective. These scooters run on a 500W electric motor, eliminating any form of pollution.

Inexpensive in every aspect: The maintenance and fuel costs of automobiles is way too high as vehicles get older. However, with an E-scooter, all it takes is a rechargeable battery with less or no maintenance at all. Moreover, entrepreneurs get to enhance their profits seamlessly, even after providing economical rides to passengers. There’s only an initial investment cost that an entrepreneur needs to take care of.

The 5-Step Workflow of an E-Scooters App

While building a smartphone application, it is essential to focus on the platform’s workflow. An E-scooter app with a user-friendly architecture and immersive workflow can create an instant impact among the audience. Let’s discuss the simple yet intuitive 5-step workflow here,

  • Users register with the platform and locate E-scooters nearby by enabling their location preferences.

  • Users choose their best-suited E-scooters based on numerous metrics like pricing, battery capacity, ratings, etc.

  • Users unlock the vehicle by scanning the QR code. They initiate their trip and drive towards their destination.

  • Upon reaching the destination, users park the E-scooters securely and smart-lock the vehicle.

  • The app displays the total fare with a detailed breakdown. Users pay the amount via a multitude of payment gateways and share their experience in the form of ratings & reviews.

Features that make the E-Scooter app stand apart

Apps like Lime, Bird, etc., have already set a benchmark when it comes to the E-Scooter app market. You need USPs to lure customer attention. Some of the unique elements worth-considering include,

  • QR scanning - To initiate and terminate rides.

  • In-app wallet - To pay for rides effortlessly.

  • Multi-lingual support - To access the app in the customers’ preferred language.

  • Schedule bookings - To book rides well-in-advance.

  • In-app chat/call - To establish a connection between the support team and users.

  • VoIP-based Call masking - To mask users’ contact details.

  • Geofencing - To map virtual boundaries and keep an eye on E-scooters.

Capitalize on the growing market

Establishing your E-Scooters Rental app at the spur of the moment is highly essential if you wish to scale your business in the shortest possible time. Some of the reasons to initiate your app development right away include,

The unexplored market: The E-Scooter market is still in its nascent stages. Rolling out an app with the right feature-set and approach can help you yield unrestricted revenue.

Competitors are experiencing massive growth: Apps like Lime, Bird, etc., witness unprecedented growth in the past few years. Lime was valued at $2.4 billion in 2019. On the other hand, Bird has spread across 100 cities in Europe. With competitors reaping profits, it is high-time entrepreneurs needn’t hesitate to invest in this business opportunity.

The ‘E’ shift among customers: People are gradually moving towards e-vehicles as a measure to conserve time and environment. By rolling out an on-demand app for E-scooters that is economical, people will inevitably turn towards your platform for the daily commute.


In this modern world, saving time and energy is the need of the hour. Add to that the indispensable role of conserving the environment. E-scooters cater to all these aspects comprehensively. Make the most out of the situation and have no second thoughts about initiating your E-Scooter app development.

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E-Learning App Development: Types, Cost & Features

The growth of the online modes for students has increased since the pandemic. This growth has been possible with the help of E-learning software systems. This software has shown a future with more opportunities, even in this pandemic. This market will grow to a high of 350 billion dollars by 2025. Due to this pandemic, most education organizations have shifted to online modes. So, naturally, this means the need for E-learning software systems will grow. So, do you have a complete idea for your E-learning applications and are planning to develop one for your organization? E-learning product development is not a very difficult process to handle. To make the process easier for you, we have added the types of e-learning apps, its features, benefits, development cost and much more in this blog. To read more click on the link.

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Uber for e-scooters- Create the perfect on demand rental Scooter service

Electric scooters are the trending news ever since they have been launched. Electric scooters, as we all know, have two or three wheels that operate using the electricity generated using the batteries.

Wondering how it has anything to do with the profit? According to the electric scooter market, the growth is expected to reach a CAGR of 8.5% in the span of 2019-2023.

The growth of it is totally dependent on the benefits it offers like Cost-effective, Highly sustainability, Easy accessibility, Reliability, Maintenance-free, etc. So, why can’t you have such a powerful yet simple on-demand electric scooter app?

What is an on-demand electric scooter app?

The app lets you rent an electric scooter when demanded. Examples of such apps are Lyft and Uber apps. They solve all the problems like maintenance, parking issues, and cost, etc, for the users.

To woo you more into the** on-demand e-scooter app development**, here are some benefits for you:

We have seen that the e-scooter market is growing, so start your app now and become more successful than having to compete in the market after being late.

Getting funded is a crucial part of the development. So bring out your app with a feature that is unique and doesn’t occur in any other similar apps. After deciding on the feature, start to get funded.

The revenue of the app is a question at hand for almost anyone, before developing it. Let’s take apps like Lime and Bird for example in the revenue calculation. According to an analysis, the e-scooter market earns for a ride. Whereas, Lime or Bird earns million as annual revenue. Earning in millions is not less and it should be clear to you now seeing the growth rate.

With the growing market, becoming a market leader is easy if you start with it now. In case you still have doubts, Lyft was launched after Uber but Lyft is gaining more traction and is growing faster.

Here are some features to make the app successful:

  • Search for nearby e-scooters
  • Unlock and Lock
  • Reservation using QR code
  • Smart lock, Pause, and End ride
  • Tracking real-time
  • Easy online payment
  • Notifications
    If you are certain about having an on-demand e-scooter app by now, then it’s not too late. Plan only the features, logos, and preferences, and our team Appdupe is here to help you with the launch since they have readymade solutions.

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