Decode a lost language by code!

Decode a lost language by code!

Dead, Extinct, And Lost Languages. A dead language is one that is not the native language of any community. Latin is a dead language. Machine learning is helping linguistics

Languages are like people, they are born, they live, and they die. However, some languages die before their natural life-span because of some dominant languages. When the dominant languages become more common in the world, local languages with fewer speakers become extinct. For example, you are reading this article in the most common language of modern times, although it is not my mother tongue!

How does a language die?

The first sign of a language becoming extinct is kids speaking their parents’ language only at home. They use the dominant language in all their social, educational, and professional lives.

After one or two generations, this language is spoken by only the old people. If kids speak a language only with their grandparents, this language is in danger of becoming extinct.

Dead, Extinct, And Lost Languages

A dead language is one that is not the native language of any community. Latin is a dead language. There are people who know Latin, but there is not a nation or community whose native language is Latin.

An extinct language is a language that no longer has any speakers. Even if there is no one speaking an extinct language, there are books, papers, and monuments in that language that we know how to read and learn from. Currently, there are 573 known extinct languages.

A lost language is an extinct language that we know it existed but we don’t know how to read. Most of the extinct languages are lost languages.

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