React Tutorial for Beginners - Learn React in 1 Hour

React Tutorial for Beginners - Learn React in 1 Hour. The quick guide to learn basic concepts and workflow of how to build React App. In this course you will learn React in 1 hour. You will learn what react does, you will learn how react works, you will learn views, components, state, routing, react lifecycle and much more.

How to build a ReactJS app with useContext, useReducer and react-router

In this video will build a React app using react hooks. The hooks we use will be the useContext and useReducer hook to manage our state. We will also use react-router to manage the routes in the react app.

React Hooks Tutorial for Beginners: Getting Started With React Hooks

React hooks tutorial for beginners, learn React hooks step by step: Introduction, useState Hook, useState with previous state, useState with object, useState with array, useEffect Hook, useEffect after render, Conditionally run effects, Run effects only once, useEffect with cleanup, useEffect with incorrect dependency, Fetching data with useEffect, useContext Hook, useReducer Hook, useReducer, Multiple useReducers, useReducer with useContext, Fetching data with useReducer, useState vs useReducer, useCallback Hook, useMemo Hook, useRef Hook