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Anna Yusef


10 Best Coursera Python Certification & Courses to Learn Coding in 2021

These are the best Coursera courses for Python. You can join these specializations to both learn Python and get a Certification, most of these courses are free-to-audit.

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10 Best Coursera Python Certification & Courses to Learn Coding in 2021
Ray  Patel

Ray Patel


top 30 Python Tips and Tricks for Beginners

Welcome to my Blog , In this article, you are going to learn the top 10 python tips and tricks.

1) swap two numbers.

2) Reversing a string in Python.

3) Create a single string from all the elements in list.

4) Chaining Of Comparison Operators.

5) Print The File Path Of Imported Modules.

6) Return Multiple Values From Functions.

7) Find The Most Frequent Value In A List.

8) Check The Memory Usage Of An Object.

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Sival Alethea

Sival Alethea


Learn Python - Full Course for Beginners [Tutorial]

This course will give you a full introduction into all of the core concepts in python. Follow along with the videos and you’ll be a python programmer in no time!
⭐️ Contents ⭐
⌨️ (0:00) Introduction
⌨️ (1:45) Installing Python & PyCharm
⌨️ (6:40) Setup & Hello World
⌨️ (10:23) Drawing a Shape
⌨️ (15:06) Variables & Data Types
⌨️ (27:03) Working With Strings
⌨️ (38:18) Working With Numbers
⌨️ (48:26) Getting Input From Users
⌨️ (52:37) Building a Basic Calculator
⌨️ (58:27) Mad Libs Game
⌨️ (1:03:10) Lists
⌨️ (1:10:44) List Functions
⌨️ (1:18:57) Tuples
⌨️ (1:24:15) Functions
⌨️ (1:34:11) Return Statement
⌨️ (1:40:06) If Statements
⌨️ (1:54:07) If Statements & Comparisons
⌨️ (2:00:37) Building a better Calculator
⌨️ (2:07:17) Dictionaries
⌨️ (2:14:13) While Loop
⌨️ (2:20:21) Building a Guessing Game
⌨️ (2:32:44) For Loops
⌨️ (2:41:20) Exponent Function
⌨️ (2:47:13) 2D Lists & Nested Loops
⌨️ (2:52:41) Building a Translator
⌨️ (3:00:18) Comments
⌨️ (3:04:17) Try / Except
⌨️ (3:12:41) Reading Files
⌨️ (3:21:26) Writing to Files
⌨️ (3:28:13) Modules & Pip
⌨️ (3:43:56) Classes & Objects
⌨️ (3:57:37) Building a Multiple Choice Quiz
⌨️ (4:08:28) Object Functions
⌨️ (4:12:37) Inheritance
⌨️ (4:20:43) Python Interpreter
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Ray  Patel

Ray Patel


Python Packages in SQL Server – Get Started with SQL Server Machine Learning Services


When installing Machine Learning Services in SQL Server by default few Python Packages are installed. In this article, we will have a look on how to get those installed python package information.

Python Packages

When we choose Python as Machine Learning Service during installation, the following packages are installed in SQL Server,

  • revoscalepy – This Microsoft Python package is used for remote compute contexts, streaming, parallel execution of rx functions for data import and transformation, modeling, visualization, and analysis.
  • microsoftml – This is another Microsoft Python package which adds machine learning algorithms in Python.
  • Anaconda 4.2 – Anaconda is an opensource Python package

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Ray  Patel

Ray Patel


Lambda, Map, Filter functions in python

Welcome to my Blog, In this article, we will learn python lambda function, Map function, and filter function.

Lambda function in python: Lambda is a one line anonymous function and lambda takes any number of arguments but can only have one expression and python lambda syntax is

Syntax: x = lambda arguments : expression

Now i will show you some python lambda function examples:

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Maria Lopez

Maria Lopez


What are the best resources for learning Python for Machine Learning and Data Science?

You have a lot of options when it comes to picking a new course that can help you enhance your profession. If you’re a techie looking for a good spot to begin your professional career, the first step is to choose a good course. This is when the programming language comes into play. If we have to choose the best programming language, Python should be our first choice. Python is an easy-to-learn programming language. It’s also employed in a wide range of technologies, including machine learning, Blockchain, data science, Big data, and so on. Knowing how to programme in this language will provide you with new possibilities. If you’ve decided to attend a Python certification course, you should also check into the free resources available to assist you learn more about the language. In this blog, we’ll highlight a few of the most valuable sites.

The following are the greatest places to learn Python:

Google’s Python Class- We’d pick Google’s Python Class as one of the greatest resources for learning Python. This course covers all of the written material as well as lectures and coding exercises, ensuring complete Python knowledge. The initial exercises introduce concepts like strings and lists, while the next exercises cover text files, HTTP connections, and processes.

Python Data Science: A Beginner’s Guide- The principles of data science and analytics, as well as how to use Python in a data science setting, will be covered in this course. You’ll also learn about data science’s fundamentals and how to use it.

Python & R-based data science, machine learning, and data analysis A data scientist- specific course is the next thing on our list. This course will teach you how to decipher complicated theories and use Python libraries. It assists in the development of new skills that aid in a better understanding of the difficulties that face this industry. It also includes information on Python and R, as well as exercises to help you develop your skills.

This course was created for anyone who wish to explore different methods to data visualisation using MatPlotLib and Python in a social setting. The entire course lasts 6 hours and includes 58 lectures. This course is designed for people who have a working knowledge of Python. This course will go through line graphs, stack plots, 3D lines, 3D wireframes, and other advanced data visualisation techniques in depth.

These courses are free to take and can be found on Udemy. If you want to increase your learning graph, you may also take the Global Tech Council Python crash course. This crash course will teach you everything you need to know about Python programming and its applications. After completing this course, you will be an expert in Python programming. You may enrol in this online course right now to get started on your path to becoming a great Python programmer.

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