Building an RSocket based Springboot application

Building an RSocket based Springboot application

In this post, we will explore three communications modes which are fire-and-forget, request-response and streaming and test with RSocket Client CLI (RSC) a postman type application but to test application over the socket.


RSocket translates to Reactive socket is a messaging protocol that works over TCP or Websockets. Communication modes this protocol provides are fire-and-forget, request-response and streaming. Since RSocket is fully reactive, it's ideal for high-throughput applications.

In this post, we will explore three communications modes which are fire-and-forgetrequest-response and streaming and test with RSocket Client CLI (RSC) a postman type application but to test application over the socket.


  1. Install Java preferably version 15.

  2. Spring boot skeleton project

  3. Navigate to, select RSocket as a dependency and a stable version of spring boot version at the point of time and clicking on Generate should give a zip file with a skeleton project which good to get going.

    Image for post

Initial project structure looks as

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  1. Application configuration
  2. Next, setting up the port on which this application runs by modifying the file
  1. Client to test the server application:
  2. Here I am using RSC client created by Toshiaki Maki. Set-up instructions are on his GitHub page.

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