How Continuous Intelligence in DevOps Analyzes Real-Time Data

How Continuous Intelligence in DevOps Analyzes Real-Time Data

Introduction to Continuous Intelligence in DevOps. How Continuous Intelligence in DevOps Analyzes Real-Time Data. Continuous Intelligence in DevOps analyzing data in real-time for improvement of delivery process and management workflows of organizations.

Introduction to Continuous Intelligence in DevOps

As in today’s era, IT companies are becoming obsolete by consistently failing to address customer needs and decisions. Continuous Intelligence in DevOps is a business saving technique. To help small and large level enterprises analyze data in real-time from previous experiences and use it to optimize incident response time, facilitate faster delivery, and drive the enterprise’s overall growth. It is a machine-driven approach to analytics and sometimes Machine Learning. To continually analyze data and automatically improve development and operations techniques. No matter how many data sources are there or how vast the volume is, or how off the beaten track.

Continuous Intelligence is an AI-based, machine-driven way to continuously interpret data, discover patterns and learn what’s of value in the data.

Source: What Is Continuous Intelligence?

It’s about not doing this once but letting the machine automate it. Continuous Intelligence in DevOps is driven by continuous delivery that has enabled enterprises with predictive analytics, Robotic process automation (RPA), autonomic computing, and Artificial Intelligence in IT operations(AIOps). These technologies allow enterprises to deliver values, track projects continuously, and enhance overall performance.

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