7 Secrets to HIT Songwriting

7 Secrets to HIT Songwriting

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Description When Clay Drayton instructs songwriters, he comes from a place of experience and longevity. He doesn't want you to be a “1 Hit Wonder”. You will learn the secrets of writing songs that have the potential to become Classics.

What many songwriters today are missing are mentors (Seasoned writers who have "Been there, Done that!") to help them develop their songs with tried and proven methods of creating Hit songs. Clay will give you examples, templates and tools to use in your songs. He will be your mentor. He will help you write songs that everyone will want to hear and singers will want to cover.

Not only will Mr. Drayton instruct you, but he will consult with, critique and collaborate with his students.

Who this course is for:

This class is for those who have a desire to write their first song or those who would like to take their songwriting to the next level Basic knowledge Note Pad, Pen/Pencil, Recording device You do not have to be able to play an instrument or have any recording software. Desire is all that is required What will you learn By the end of this course you will learn the secret elements that Motown used to make their songs magnetic and timeless. You will learn the "Power of the HOOK", How to write a catchy Title, How to Hum out a Melody, How to Paint pictures with words and MORE... To continue

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