How can Worm Factory 360 help your organic gardening?

How can Worm Factory 360 help your organic gardening?

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How do you usually handle organic food wastes? If you’re like most people, you throw it away most of the time. If sometimes you wonder what you can do better, but do not have any idea how to start, vermicomposting or worm composting might be a suggestion for you. We are going to introduce you to Worm Factory 360, a top reviewed product from Natural’s Footprint. Worm Factory 360 comes with a price tag of $110 on The following will reveal the reasons why we choose Worm Factory 360.

8 reasons for you to love this item

Easy setup with full guideline and useful tutoring: Even if you are a beginner, you will find how easy it is to set up this composer with the thoughtful manual and straightforward one-step assembly. “The Complete Guide to Vermicomposting with the Worm Factory 360” is very comprehensive with a visual DVD guide and a 70-page instruction book including texts, photographs, and diagrams.

Simple to use: It usually takes an average of 15 minutes weekly to work with the Worm Factory

Start with the bottom tray. Fill it with the provided material. Place a certain amount of worms into it and start “feeding up” the tray with your household leftovers.

When your tray is full, put the next tray on top. The worms will move upward when new food comes because of a grid in the bottom of each tray.

What should be added: any fruits and vegetables, grains, paper or cartons, eggshells, coffee grounds, or tree leaves.

What should not be added: meat, dairy, and citrus-related things.

Careless worm feeding:

There’s no need to feed worms daily. You can do that weekly for a long period. Give them additional nutrition if you are going to start an extended holiday. The worms can live with less food than its weight and can survive without any extra foods for 2 weeks.

Worms are living creatures. Even though you can place your Worm Factory 360 composter anywhere, the worms cannot bear extreme weather conditions.

Excellent customer service: There are many great reviews regarding the company’s customer service. First, Natural’s Footprint has prepared a FAQ page for your reference. You can find answers on how many worms for feeding, where to buy them, how to harvest the ready compost, and many useful tips. If you are querying about some specific things, you always receive a response after contacting them. Second, a warranty of 10 years can assure you about the quality of this item.

Everything you need with Natural’s Footprint: The company sells all the things you need for worm composting. No waste of time shopping around to find different parts of your process.

The largest size for home: Its standard size is four trays. However, you can expand it into eight trays in the vertical direction, meaning it will occupy the same space as before expansion. You do not need to upgrade your composters for a more substantial dimension after 1 or 2 years of purchasing.

No more odor. If you do your composting properly, this unit is odorless. You can keep it indoors or outdoors, and your composting is not just available during the nice weather. A Worm Factory composter will be a helpful assistant in your garden, kitchen, garage, or anywhere you want.

Less composting cycle: If you leave your household waste to be composted naturally, it takes 2 years and can be a chore. Now recycling your wastes takes just three months to be a ready fertilizer by using vermicomposting.

What’s inside the box?

4 trays

A lid with quick guides on top

Accessory Kit with basic tools

A Worm Ladder to support worms back into the upper tray

A spigot Base

A manual and DVD for instruction

Bedding materials

Being an Amazon’s choice with 75% outstanding ratings out of 808 Amazon customer reviews, Worm Factory 360 is ideal for worm composting. No more throwing out wastes in your pursuit of a sustainable lifestyle.


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